Which Upholstered Headboard would you choose?

Last week we spoke to you about how to mount a headboard to your bed. However this still might not have helped you to decide which style of upholstered headboard you might actually want to mount. So we thought that we would introduce you to all of ours. That way deciding which handmade upholstered headboard might be the one for you will be like a walk in the park.

upholstered headboard


Now we have told you a little bit more about the ways of mounting an upholstered headboard, you should understand this a little more than before. Deeply can come as either an Integrated or Non Integrated Headboard. If you’ve just joined us, have a look at the differences between the two in the last blog post.

Deeply is both luxurious and contemporary at the same time and made by our skilled upholsters at our workshops in Nottingham. We say pick deeply for a French Chic or Luxury Hotel styled bedroom.

upholstered headboard


Buttons is ever so slightly subtler than deeply. If you want to add a touch of feminine luxury to your room then this is probably the one for you. It certainly shouts statement headboard, just a little more quietly.

It can come as either an integrated 60cm height or as a non-integrated headboard and in two different heights. They come in either 60cm or 90cm, which means the usable height above the mattress. Just remember that the 90cm headboard would have to be mounted to the wall.

upholstered headboard


Again this upholstered headboard can come as integrated or non-integrated and the same rules as the last one still apply.

Lines is a little more contemporary and fits in perfectly with a New York loft style apartment. Of course it’s also very well suited to a modern industrial style for that matter. It certainly helps to elongate the room too. So if your room is narrow then this is perhaps the one for you.

upholstered headboard

Perhaps the most stylish of our headboards, Mondrian would certainly be the showstopper in your bedroom. Whether that be ultra modern or lux glam, this headboard will work for you.

Due to it’s wooden surround, Mondrian works best as a Non Integrated headboard. Due to the two heights, you can either have it non integrated or wall mounted. The higher of the two at 105cm, wall mounted of course, really gives you the wow you may have been hoping for.

upholstered headboard


Simplicity is sometimes the best. Our standard headboard is just quite simply a plain rectangular headboard. It finishes off your bed perfectly, giving you the opportunity to use a funky wallpaper. Or smother your bed with different patterned cushions.

Standard can come as an integrated, non integrated or wall mounted headboard. So you can find the perfect fit for your room. If you have a wow factor wall paper, we would suggest the 60cm size to allow enough of your wallpaper to be seen.

upholstered headboard


Dune gained its name from the soft sweeping curve that romantically finishes the top of the headboard. Slightly more traditional, this style is well suited to a feminine room. It compliments that French chic style beautifully.

Our Dune headboard looks particularly good on our Air bed base as this is also soft in design. Dune can come as integrated or non integrated. However we would recommend sticking with integrated for this one, as otherwise the sides might feel a little low.

upholstered headboard


This soft curve takes the edge off all of those other straight lines within your bedroom. Our chunkiest headboard at 10cm in depth, Horizon is certainly a popular with those looking for a comfy bed in a comfy looking bedroom.

Due to the larger depth, 10cm as opposed to all of our other headboards at 6cm, Horizon has to come as an Integrated headboard. There are two heights though, 50cm and 70cm. Remember that means the usable height above the mattress. For our lower beds we recommend 50cm, and for our higher beds 70cm. This keeps the upholstered headboard in proportion to the base.

upholstered headboard

A curve slightly more rounded than that on the Horizon, this headboard is perfect for those who wish to break the straight lines without being too chunky. Romantic and delicate, Curves is perhaps a little more traditional in it’s style.

Curves can be mounted in all three available ways and again has two heights, the highest of which needs to be wall mounted.

upholstered headboard


The name gives this one away. Gentle is known for its soft gentle curve and boy is it that. The softness of this headboard works with all styles of room design. Whether that be traditional, rustic, modern or luxury.

If you are looking to save space, as this design tapers off slightly at the ends, the headboard visually looks space saving. Of course by going for the non integrated version you will save in more space within a small room. If you are lucky and have a little more room, this headboard is available as both integrated, non integrated and wall mounted.

upholstered headboard


Last but by no means least, is our headboard Squares. Now Squares is actually incredibly similar to buttons and buttons can also be made with the stitching that squares is too. They are priced the same as well, so if you can’t find one on our website, you know to price it as the other.

This design works perfectly in modern, perhaps contemporary industrial rooms and can also come as an integrated, non integrated or wall mounted upholstered headboard.

So which upholstered headboard would you choose?

Remember all of our headboards can be made in any fabric that our beds can be made in. That includes linen, wool, suede, velvet, woven fabrics, pattered fabrics and of course leather too. We have our full range of fabrics available to see and touch at our showroom in London. All of our headboards can also be attached to any of our bed bases, so everything is interchangeable. So which upholstered headboard would you choose?

The must follow Bedroom Trends for 2017

Elle Decoration is always fuelling our design addition, and this months issue is full of the latest bedroom trends. So we have to ask, how do we make our bedrooms look truly fabulous this year? Here is the full list of ‘to die for’ bedroom trends you need to be following in 2017. We have taken the Elle Decoration head captions and put our own spin on how to create the perfect, most fashionable bedroom.

  1. Cosy Corner

    Our take on the perfect cosy corner consists of a small bedroom chair that you can tuck your feet up on, grab a blanket and get reading that book you promised yourself you would finish last year. Bedroom chairs come in all shapes and sizes and so you will be sure to find one to fit your space. If a chair is a little too large for a corner of your room, why not try a tiny stool? Upholster in velvet for the right amount of lux glam, or find a wooden number to complete your Scandi style.

    bedroom trends

  2. Lighting

    Play around with sizes of the lights you use in your bedroom. By adding in big lamps to a small room you can actually create the feeling or grandeur and more space. Weird hey? But it works! They will also make the room feel much lighter and airier. If you aren’t too convinced then use your ceiling height, and add in pendants on either side of the bed. Not only will they declutter your side tables, but they will also appear to make your room look taller. These Pendants from Flos are practical as well as stylish and we have one to see at our London Showroom.

  3. The Great Divide

    Now Elle Decoration suggests to divide your room up into sections using the hot bedroom trends of this year – panelling. We can not top their suggestion to divide up your room and instead are just going to suggest a cheaper way of panelling if you can’t fork out for the real thing. Papering your wall is of course the easiest way of adding the panelling effect to your bedroom. This one from Cole and Son is so realistic, your guests would never notice.

  4. simply stylish

    Simply Stylish bedrooms are the most glamorous types of bedrooms. We think that your bedding also plays a huge part in keeping your bedroom looking top notch. No one wants to walk into a bedroom to messy looking bedding and in turn a rather kiddish looking bed. Why not treat yourself to a set of white sheets. Then pick your favourite colour and splash out on a throw and two complimenting cushions. It is important that this is your favourite colour and not the ‘trending colour’ of the season. After all, your bedroom design will only look on trend and lovely if you love it yourself.

    bedroom trends

  5. Colour Palettes

    We very recently wrote a blog post on bedroom colour schemes including different colour palettes that might work for your room. Now despite this post being written in 2016, each and every rule still applies to this years trending rules. Keep the larger objects in more neutral shades and add in your pops of colour using the smaller, more easily changeable accessories. Blush pink, Deep blue and gunmetal grey are all colours trending this year.

  6. Sleep Patterns

    A bedroom deserves a little bit of pattern, but don’t go overboard. This is your calming space that you can relax in and drift off into the land of nod. Bright, bold patterns will certainly help you in the morning but won’t do anything in helping you getting to sleep in the first place. Rugs, rugs and more rugs are the thing for this year, so perhaps add in your pattern in your rug. This way, it is not in your line of sight when sleeping, but when you first wake up in the morning and step out of bed, the pattern can brighten your day. Geometrics are on trend this year, and here are just a few favourites to choose from.

  7. Built to fit

    Furniture that looks like it was just made to fit really steps your bedroom apart from the rest. There is nothing worse than ill-fitting furniture, it makes your room look cramped and ugly. Not all fitted furniture needs to break the bank, but do listen to that saying – you get what you pay for. Perhaps this year is the year to invest in that forever bedroom furniture. Furl’s bedroom furniture is all made by Furl in their Nottingham Workshops. So if you have a tricky space and need a custom size bed or bedside table, get in touch and we can try and work around your measurements.

    bedroom trends
    Furl’s Mondrian, Lines and Deeply Headboards
  8. Headboards

    Well headboards – perhaps the biggest of the bedroom trends. Now you are in the right place for an absolutely fabulous headboard as we are the master of headboards (the recent Virgin media advert came to mind when we wrote that sentence!!). But on a serious note, we actually are masters in headboards. The oversized headboard is now all the rage. So we say, buy a Super King Sized headboard for your Kingsized bed to add a little bit of fun into your room. Have a cheeky look at our headboard selection.

  9. Comfort Zone

    Add in a few home comforts to your bedroom design. The most personal bedroom trends of all time is to scatter photographs of family and friends around your room. Mount your photos in all shapes and sizes. The best place to put them is that forgotten piece of wall, so that every part of your room is brought back to life.

  10. Raise your profile

    Try creating a few different levels in your room for intrigue and to be one better than the rest. Are you completely redoing your bedroom? If so, why not create a little two stepped up platform in the middle of room and sit your bed within it. Not many people could say that their bed is the focal point in the middle of the room. This is the part of the bedroom that you use the most and so celebrate it. Put your bed on a pedestal and be proud.

  11. Beneath the Stars

    There is nothing more romantic than sleeping beneath the stars, particularly on Valentines Day! Elle Decoration suggests actual windows, however for those who cannot sleep with just a slither of light present, you could really push the boundaries. Optical Fibre LED ceiling lighting is becoming increasing more popular and increasingly more wow. Perfect for a kids bedroom, sleeping beneath the stars until you drop off can really become a reality.

So how are you going to follow this mammouth list of bedroom trends? Start by selecting just one, and then add in a couple more throughout the year. No one said you had to do everything all at once!

Grand Designs Live – Book your tickets here

We are officially on countdown to Grand Designs Live. Not sure if any of you managed to come and see our stand last year? However this year, it is twice as big and will be twice as fantastic. So, if you haven’t yet made a trip to our showroom, do not panic. You can visit us at the Excel in just 2 months and 22 days. See, we told you we were counting!

Now to those who don’t plan ahead, this may seem like ages away. But for those who love a good bargain, now is the time of the early bird ticket sales. Right now Grand Designs Live are giving a fantastic deal away – 2 tickets for £22 with the code GDL22.

Last year at Grand Designs Live, we met new friends, reminisced with old customers and had a week to remember. We opened and closed our wall beds around 200 times a day, and laughed every time sometime ran over to take off the glasses filled with water that they thought would fall over. With our clever mechanisms and cantilevering desk, your glasses of water can stay on the desk whilst the bed comes down. Now that is something that you know you just have to come and see for yourself.

So the show is on from the 29th April until the 7th May. Are you renovating your home and need new furniture? Are you looking for a way of turning a spare room back into a useable room for most of the year? Looking for a little more storage? Then our stand is absolutely the one to visit. Grand Designs Live has been one of the biggest interior inspiration and home renovating shows for years. We are so excited to be able to inspire you again this year.


Decorate with Green …ery – Pantone colour of 2017

There is nothing better than the time that Pantone’s colour of the year starts to dominate homes, shows and shops. You have to be a little bit silly to not fall in love with ‘the colour of the season’. But it doesn’t mean that you have to start throwing everything out and replacing it with the new. The new greenery in this case. Of course, if the hubby won’t agree to yet more new cushions, we are happy to say you absolutely need to introduce this colour into your life this year. So how do we decorate with green? It’s a tricky colour to master, particularly when the pantone colour is so strong and vibrant this year. So to make it a little easier, we have picked a selection of greens that will work for different styles of home. Just don’t tell pantone that some of them aren’t so green!

decorate with green

Decorate with Green-ery

Well we couldn’t possibly write a blog post about the Pantone colour of the year and not showcase it first! So here you have it – Greenery. If any of you were around Clerkenwell this weekend you might have spotted this to die for collaboration between Pantone and Air BnB. They were certainly not short of ideas on how to fill your home with the greenery shade. Bringing the outdoors to the indoors, quite literally, this pop up was a foliage lovers idea of heaven. But if an overload of plants isn’t quite up your street, try adorning your room with succulents instead. They still provide a beautiful pop of colour, with much less maintenance.

decorate with green

Subtle design details, such as glassware or cushions are the most elegant way of introducing such a bright green into your home. Zara Home have a great zingy collection of glasses that would add the perfect sparkle to your dining room table.

Also, had you thought about laying fake turf in the playroom? It would certainly be playful wouldn’t it!

Dabble in Dark Emerald Green

Perhaps your home design is a little, lets say moodier. You like colour, but nothing too bright as that would be happy and tacky of course. But being left out of the decorate with green phase would just not be acceptable either. So think Emerald Green, Deep Sea Green and get thinking Velvet too. Velvet is such a sultry, luxurious fabric and works fantastically in the deeper shade of green.

Decorate with Green
Furl’s Milano Sofa Bed in House Velvet

Unlike Pantone’s Greenery, this deep shade can be used for much larger items within your home. In sight from every angle at the recently finished Cologne Design Fair, was a deep emerald green sofa. We can make our sofa beds in any shade of green, and our House Velvet would certainly mean your sofa was the talking point of your room. With options such as a matching set of cushions, you could tie in the colour by scattering these cushions on other chairs within your room. That way your deep green sofa would look like it had always been there. Paint the walls and skirting board an inky shade of grey/black for true sultry style.

Sage Green

Again for the little details just like Pantone’s Greenery, the Sage Green shade fits better with Country Chic Interiors. Country interiors take marvellously well to a display dresser in the kitchen or dining room. If you already have one, why not sand it down and give it a lick of paint in a sage shade. Tie it in with the rest of your interior by adding a few ceramic pieces that touch on sage too.

Don’t be too shy to add in a pattern with focuses of Sage Green. Throws, scatter cushions and blinds will all add a touch of warmth to your mainly creamy white interior.

decorate with green

If you don’t think that any of three shades we have discussed will work in your home, then take a look at our full collection of shades to help you decorate with green.

Bathroom Storage – Our top tips and ideas

So you promised yourself that this year, you really won’t push the bathroom renovation to the bottom of the list. You may have noticed a few posts about the latest trending bathrooms designs over on our Twitter recently. We agree with you, some of them are totally stunning. However we all know that bathroom a design just wouldn’t be complete without that absolutely necessary bathroom storage. I mean who wants the spare toilet rolls on show really? So here are a few top tips and ideas as to how to keep that ever so needed bathroom storage, stylish.

Bathroom Storage

Toiletries, spare toilet rolls, towels, extra haircare, travel wash bags and the ‘medicine cabinet’ are all items that we want stored behind closed doors in our bathrooms. However sometimes the size of our bathrooms don’t quite allow for that much storage. So this is where our handy bathroom storage tips become useful.

Image from House of Three
Image from House of Three

Baskets are not for every interior style, but they can work in a variety of different bathroom designs. Do you live in a period property? Is your style Scandinavian? Are you a little more Shabby Chic? If you answer yes to just one of these questions, then a basket will fit your interior decoration. Pretty and practical, you really can fill them with anything. Depending on the size of the basket, you might opt to put the spare toilet rolls in there. This way they will actually look as delightfully displayed as they possibly can.

If you have space for more than one, add in a larger basket full of the spare towels so your guests never have to ask you for a towel again. Or if you really want to add a sense of hotelesque (is that actually a word?!) to your home, get a small square basket and fill it with rolled up flannels. Then provide a second basket to be used as a ‘bin’ for when your guests have finished drying their hands. You may want to check with the washing machine queen before implementing that last idea though!

bathroom storage
The Towel Rail

Towel rails do have a habit of taking up a lot of space. Perhaps you’ve tried hooks and they don’t dry your towels fast enough? We have two tips for two different budgets. If you are really going to town and redoing the whole bathroom, think about adding in heated matting to the walls. This is not for those who aren’t willing to splash the cash, but if you are, can really give you back a little bit more space. Heated towel rails can be bulky and take up room that could go to better use on the wall. By having a heated wall, you can find a very slimline rail and hang your towels closer to the floor. This then frees up the space above for a few more shelves.

If you aren’t completely redoing your bathroom, but just want to clear it of all of the clutter, then why not try adding rails to the back of your door. Despite not being heated, the rail will still allow the towel to air unlike a hook where it keeps the towel bunched together.

Image from House of Three
Image from House of Three
Get to all of those nooks and crannies

Don’t neglect the space above your toilet. It is the perfect place for a cabinet, or if you think that might be a little too top heavy then just a couple of very simple shelves. Remember, if you want your bathroom to look fresh and styled you have to add a few styling items. This is what most people shy away from when it comes to bathrooms. You don’t want to feel like you are wasting space by adding things you don’t need. However without these styling items, your bathroom will look dull and lifeless. Why not try a few floating shelves, then add a few vases with a selection of flowers along with a stack of books. Finish the shelves with bell jars full of cotton wool pads. This way you can add a little bit of practicality to your styling at the same time.

Bathroom storage can be tricky, and we know that you will want to cram as much behind doors as you can. Just remember, that without injecting your personality into an interior design, it won’t feel like home. This rule applies to every other room in the house, and still applies to the bathroom! Be savvy and clever and get adding a little more sneaky bathroom storage into your home.

2017 Interior Design Trend Predictions

We just still cannot seem to believe that 2017 has finally arrived. However, we have to start embracing it. Otherwise before we know it, this year will be over and we won’t have even begun updating our interiors. So here are our 2017 interior design trend predictions. Which ones do you think will fall, and which ones will fly? Let’s get updating your homes.

2017 Interior Design Trend Predictions

Upholstered Headboards

Now, all of us at Furl cannot tell you how happy this makes us. Where is the jumping around emoji when you need one?! We have been in love with the upholstered headboard for years and years. Luckily for us, and for you as they are just beautiful, this is one of the most popular 2017 interior design trend predictions. An upholstered headboard can make a huge difference to a room, and really turns the style into hotel chic. We think the larger the headboard, the better. With a large headboard, you don’t need to start thinking about what artwork to hang above it, as the headboard quite simply becomes the artwork.

2017 Interior Design Trend Predictions

Deep buttoned headboards upholstered in Linen are a well-liked choice. However our customers are in love with our Mondrian headboard, which looks it’s best upholstered in a luxurious velvet. (We think so anyway!) There is actually a wall mounted version of the Mondrian in Velvet at our showroom right now, so pop down when you have a spare minute.


No interior would be complete without a little bit of glam, and marble is certainly glam. You might be thinking, I can’t afford marble and you are totally right. It can get a little bit expensive, but you can still introduce marble into your home no matter what your budget. For those looking to splash the cash, nothing shouts glamorous more than a marble bathroom. They look incredibly luxurious, which suits so many London interiors, but don’t be shocked by the price. For those who are not quite for breaking the bank, marble wallpaper is a fantastic alternative and looks so realistic. B&Q version is available at a very reasonable price. For you crafty lot, spend a couple of pounds on some marble samples from a stone supplier. Then add dots to the bottom of them and turn them into coasters to scatter around your home. This is a very cheap, yet very clever way of adding marble into your home.

Image donated by House of Three
Image donated by House of Three

Yes you read that correctly – cork is making a comeback. Perhaps one of the weirdest 2017 interior design trend predictions, we never thought would return. We are not quite sure how to feel about this either, but we do have a few ideas where we think it could work. Children’s interiors have become much more interactive over the recent years, in order to help them become more expressive. Why not use cork wallpaper over a small section of wall in your child’s bedroom to create a feature notice board. They can pin up their drawings, party invitations, badges and anything they may collect on their travels. For a more grown up suggestion for the comeback of the cork, quirky coffee table and lamps could really work within an industrial styled interior. Try painting the cork for a different look, which adds that element of fun and interest. Champagne cork stools have been popping up on a few homeware sites, so keep your eyes peeled. They would certainly provide a talking point around the dinner party table.

2017 interior design trend predictions


Pantone’s colour of the year is Greenery. Inspired by nature, this shade of green is like no other green we have seen before. With so many London homes and apartments with very limited outdoor space, if any at all, we are craving a little bit more outdoors in our lives. Described by pantone as a ‘tangy yellow-green’, we think the only way to introduce this colour into your homes is through foliage itself. As it perhaps might be a bit bold on the walls. Having said that, there are lots of nature inspired prints circulating the interiors market. If you are the sort of person that perhaps might not be able to keep a plant alive, this might be a really lovely, subtle way of introducing foliage into your home.

2017 interior design trend predictions

At the end of the year, we shall certainly look back over our 2017 interior design trend predictions to see which ones really took off. Do you think any of our predicted trends will take over our home interiors? Which one would you chose to redecorate your home with? We really hope to see more upholstered headboards and would love to see yours. Tag us in your Instagram posts using @furl.home and use #furlheadboard so we can see which design you picked for yours.

Best Interiors Instagram Accounts – Our top 6

Ho Ho Hello! It’s only 5 days until Christmas and our Christmas countdown continues! Of course we all love Christmas Day, but we also always have that down time. You know the time, when the dinner is eaten and the presents are all opened. Everyone is a little bit tired, and totally full. So we thought this year, you could have a little scroll through some of the best interiors Instagram accounts.

We just cannot get enough of all of the Instagram inspiration. Our favourites are in no particular order. We tried, but it was just too hard to say which one was best. So, here you go, the best interiors Instagram accounts. Happy early Christmas from Furl.

best interiors instagram accounts

It was just so difficult to start this off.  So we thought there would be no better way than first of all sharing with you the Instagram account of our favourite Interior Design magazine. With their huge 99.7k following, and recently a divine palette of greens and blues, this feed is a treat for your eyes. There isn’t a day that passes, where we don’t check in on this page.

best interiors instagram accounts

Here are the last 6 shots from the lovely @elledecorationuk.

For those who love a little bit of glamour, mixed with an industrial twist, this Instagram account is the one for you. Full of a moody palette of colours, this feed is absolutely packed with inspiration. We will eat our hats if you don’t want to redecorate your home after flicking through this feed on Christmas Day.

best interiors instagram accounts

The divine last 6 shots from @homeadore.

best interiors instagram accounts

Scandinavian design has taken centre stage over the last couple of years and this Instagram account certainly shows off how to do it best. With an incredibly impressive following at over 250k, these Scandi Interior Designers know exactly what they are doing. If you are looking to design your home in this style, this is the best interiors Instagram account for you.

best interiors instagram accounts

Feast your eyes on these 6 shots from the brilliant @scandinavianhomes.

With christmas coming, we couldn’t not embrace the beautiful Rebecca that has recently added a few elegant decorations to her feed. With a soft french chic style, full of white, we always feel incredibly calm after flicking through her images.

best interiors instagram accounts

So take a look at the last 6 beautifully calming shots from @65m2_.

best interiors instagram accounts

Grey has for a long while been the most popular colour for interior decorating. This Instagram account certainly isn’t missing a little bit of grey. Mixed with gorgeous earthy colours it is far from dull.

best interiors instagram accounts

Cozey up with the last 6 shots from the great @fiefroeling.

From cozy to luxurious, this interior designer is not short of fabulous interiors to show. Projects are shot in the likes of Chelsea, Belgravia, Mayfair and everywhere else with a hot London postcode. The luxurious London style may not be up your street, but it will certainly give you lots to think about if redesigning your home.

best interiors instagram accounts

So finally here are the last 6 shots from the stupendous @laurahammett.interiors.

Leaving you with the best interiors Instagram accounts, we also wanted to give you with a little bit of Christmas wreath inspiration. Here’s to the 20th, and the final countdown to christmas!

countdown to christmas

6 Interior Design Tips from the Professionals

We’re not quite sure if it is just us that are this excited that the advent countdown has finally begun!!!! (Yes we may have used a few too many exclamation marks there). However, Christmas is officially on its way. So to celebrate hitting the 6th day of advent and with the present hiding sorted, we wanted to share 6 interior design tips from the professionals. Of course, your home needs to be looking top notch for when the family poll up on Christmas day.

interior design tips

If you have already been browsing for a few interior design tips for a home renovation project, you may already have come across the lovely Daniel Hopwood. Fortunately for all of us, The Great Interior Design Challenge will be back on our screens in early 2017. In the meantime though, here is some advice from Studio Hopwood.

“The key with good design is just to have a limited palette of finishes. They say that you can build a palace with just three.” – Daniel Hopwood

Don’t go overboard on the amount of textures you need to add into a room. Start with three – a fabric, a shade of wood and a metal. Then take it from there.

Well we couldn’t leave out Daniel’s co-star on the new series of The Great Interior Design Challenge. Kelly Hoppen, the queen of taupe is an inspiration to many looking for luxurious, timeless interior design.


Don’t buy things just because someone tells you they will work within a scheme. Make sure you love everything you choose and that way the interior design of your home will be yours.

interior design tips

Always after timeless interior design, there is no better firm to turn to than the Hammett duo, known by their studio name Laura Hammett. Laura is very well known for her exquisite, yet timeless contemporary interiors.

“Luxury bathrooms are a big trend at the moment, moving away from the clean white marble look and introducing more softness and warmth with chandeliers, curtains and furniture.” – Laura Hammett

If you have the space, really do something different with your bathroom. They don’t have to be the most boring of spaces. Why can’t the bathroom create that interior design wow too?

Also know for her luxurious, yet timeless interior design projects, the Louise Bradley studio have an ever-increasing collection of bespoke luxury furniture and accessories.

“Clever layering of textiles alongside excellent space planning and good lighting make all the difference in the world” – Louise Bradley

We say it is an absolute must to focus on the lighting. If the lighting is right, the room will look great. But if you get the lighting wrong, the whole feel of the room will be totally different from how you hoped it would be.

interior design tips

Sometimes the best people to turn to for interior design tips, we cannot forget the brilliant interiors bloggers. A favourite of ours, and a must read blog if you don’t already is the brilliant Abigail Ahern. You cannot knock her for her bold and brave interior style.

“Play around with scale. Scale is one of the most under-considered components in the decorating puzzle. Once you start putting supersized pieces on walls or shelves that are small (like mirrors and lights) you create instant grandeur making a room feel more magical than it really is.” – Abigail Ahern

A great way to make your room feel larger is by adding in furniture that is lower down to the ground. This appears to make the ceilings feel higher, and in turn, make the room feel deceptively larger than it actually is. Then add in a huge oversized floor lamp to show off that extra height.

Finally, with not only a beautiful blog, but also with a beautiful interiors shop in Bloomsbury, Ben Pentreath offers his top interior design tips.

“I like richly layered rooms. Colour, pattern and a mix of old and new furniture create timeless and comfortable places to live.” – Ben Pentreath

The great thing about mixing old and new furniture is that it shows the wonders of the life you have lived and the places you have been. You want your home to tell the story of your life and be full of your treasures.

Christmas table styling ideas

Please forgive us, we promise not to talk too much more about Christmas until December!! Well we will certainly try our hardest that’s for sure. But before it’s too late, we just have to share with you our faves for the Christmas table styling this year.

christmas table styling

Christmas table styling is perhaps not at the forefront of our minds right now, but we are telling you, it should be! Of course, the star of the show on Christmas day is always the roast. So it is so important that the Christmas table styling is just as good as the dinner. If not better than the dinner! Placemats, menu cards, place names, foliage, candles, the list could go on forever. Here are three ways to style your Christmas table this year.

Glitz and Glamour

Gold, glitter and glamour. The most popular g’s associated with Christmas decoration. To create a timeless, classy look, you simply cannot go wrong with a pop of gold at the Christmas table. Back to our post from last week on golden Christmas decorating, beautiful gold or bronze knives and forks will add the perfect touch to your table. You really want the cutlery to provide the table wow, so pair them with simple elegant white crockery. Add a dark inky blue napkin tied with matching linen ribbon. Tuck a sprig of gold sprayed eucalyptus for an extra element of excitement. Sparkling tea lights will finish off the look beautifully.

christmas table styling
The Furl Allwood table in Cement

There is nothing better than gold themed Christmas table styling on a concrete type tabletop finish. This will really give your feast some industrial glamour. We have a fantastic cement table that will just do the trick. Try our Allwood coffee table – for those who need to accommodate 8 people this Christmas. Yes it really can seat 8 people!

Red & White

The go to twine for Christmas present wrapping is the quirky red and white. That alongside a touch of holly makes for the perfect gift under the tree. Why not transfer the gifts to the table this year? Find some tiny boxes and fill them with Christmas treats. Hold them shut with the twine and attach a sprig of holly. Pop these onto a silver beaded charger plate and add a red stained water glass. Scatter red and white candy canes along the table to keep the element of real fun. Add in a touch of silver for glamour – silver napkins and tea lights will keep everyone in the jovial Christmas spirit.

christmas table styling
The Furl Console table in White

Red and White table styling should be kept simply to a glorious white table. This shall ensure the style looks elegant and fun rather than tacky. We have a styled white Console table at our London showroom. Catch us nearer to the big date, and we may even have a few candy canes on it too!

Bold & Bright

Jolly, merry and bright are all things a Christmas table should be. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of wacky colour to your table. Taking on truly wonderful eclectic style, we say go to town with the colour this festive season. Ensure every glass, wine or water, is a different colour. Okay, you might have to double up if there are 14 of you, but you get the idea! Entertain the kids before the meal but having them fill a jar with baubles and stars as feature centerpieces. Keep the rest of the table sophisticated by adding very few additional colours. All white plates, all white napkins, all white crackers. Plus an assortment of brightly colour flowers to tie in the glassware.

christmas table styling
The Furl 4×4 Table in Oak

To add to the rustic eclectic charm, a wooden tabletop wouldn’t go a miss. If you have a large family to accommodate, our 4×4 table is just the perfect fit. Starting as a 6-seater and expanding to a 14-seater, it really is the one.

We can’t wait to see photos of your christmas table styling on your clever Furl tables.

Christmas Decorating – golden and fabulous

With Halloween and bonfire night gone, we all know the next occasion that is lingering around the corner. For those who frequent the coffee shops, you may have noticed that the Christmas cups have officially arrived. Yes, Christmas is not far off and the decorations are even closer to entering into our homes. So for the all important decoration wars, here are our tips to stay on trend when Christmas decorating within your home.

September’s London Fashion Week brought the beautifully rich golden yellow colour to the table. From catwalks to interiors, we knew at the time that golden yellow was going to be a big thing. And we weren’t wrong – It certainly has confirmed our key colour for Christmas decorating.

christmas decorating

The Wreath

Now we are all well aware that this is the ultimate Christmas decoration. Why? Because it is the first thing you see when approaching someone’s home at Christmas time. So it has to be knock out. The money leaf from John Lewis is a pretty golden yellow and would look beautiful against a painted grey or white door.

However if delicate is not what you are going for, we suggest the ultimate wreath from the fabulous Philippa Craddock. She charges by the metre, so you really could go to town. Archway is the new wreath. Add in a few golden feathers for interest and serious stand out status.


christmas decorating

The Tree

The tree usually takes pride of place in our living rooms, sometimes in the hallway if we have space. However you have to make it look like it has always lived there. Like the tree is meant to be there. The way to make this happen is to integrate it into your living room scheme.

To stick to the golden yellow theme, we suggest this year splashing out on a golden tree. The sparkling golden tinsel tree from M&S would work a treat. However don’t worry if you are not a fan of the fakes. Get creative and spray a real tree with glimmering golden spray paint. Of course golden yellow is new to town and so there may not be a whole lot of gold in your rooms already. Make the tree fit by adding in a couple of golden yellow crack cushions from Zoeppritz at Amara to your sofa and chairs.

christmas decorating

The Table

The golden yellow boundaries can be pushed so much as to decorate simply by using gold! I mean it does class as a yellowy finish, doesn’t it?

So we propose a new set of cutlery especially for Christmas. Beautiful golden knives and forks will add the perfect touch to your table this Christmas. No matter what your budget, you will be able to find something to work.

For those saving the pennies, head to Zara Home to find the perfect golden set. For those looking to splash out try the 16-piece set from Nordic House priced at £160. You want the cutlery to stand out as the feature on the table, so pair them with simple white crockery, elegant glassware and lots of candles.

4-seater Duette in Omega Velvet in Wattle. Available to see at our London Showroom
4-seater Duette in Omega Velvet in Wattle. Available to see at our London Showroom

Christmas decorating aside, the decorations are not the only thing we can add to our homes to celebrate at Christmas. To say the least, we can add swanky brand spanking new furniture into our homes. After all, it is the time of year to splash out on ourselves isn’t it? Plus we are absolutely certain that a new sofa will make the Christmas festivities all the more easier. So have you got family staying? Why not take a quick last minute dash to our showroom to have a look at our ‘perfect for every night’ sofa beds.

Lots of our customers use them every night of the week. So they really would be a brilliant addition to your living room to ensure you can fit all the family this christmas. Yes, of course they are available in a golden yellow fabric! In fact they are actually available in loads of different fabrics in loads of colours. And better still, by adding the express delivery the sofa beds are still available to be delivered BEFORE Christmas! Now wouldn’t that just be the best addition to Christmas decorating everrrr..