Storage Tips – where to hide the presents

Just in case you didn’t know, we are absolutely mad in love with storage. All of us at Furl just love as much storage as one can get. Seeing as December arrives in 2 days time, we thought it might be an idea to give our storage tips on where to hide those presents.

storage tips - where to hide the gifts

Now we have always been good at hiding, I mean we grew up with storage beds! The best hiding places EVER in case you wanted to know. However, the downside of our brilliant hiding places meant that we always found the presents. Now, I never knew if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I mean it gave us time to prepare our ‘wow thank you so much’ face to the present we never wanted. Yes we got really really good at it. However, we know that you wouldn’t have bought anything but wonderful, so here are our storage tips and places that won’t be found.

storage tips at christmas

Storage Tips – The Old Kitchen Bin

A survey has revealed that two thirds of children will go searching for presents before Christmas day. That put the pressure on us to make sure we give you some good hiding tips! Most of our throw away items end up in the garage, or the loft just in case we might need them again. That rule seems to still apply with the kitchen bin. And, would you go routing through an old bin? The garage and the loft are one of the most popular places to keep gifts hidden away. So be clever by putting the presents in a black bin liner, tying it up and popping it into the old kitchen bin. Just make sure your partner doesn’t decide to through it away after all.

storage tips

Storage Tips – The Car Boot

The survey also revealed that it wasn’t just the kids carrying out a pre Christmas search. So that got us thinking about where you could hide the gifts for your partner. If you don’t share a car, then the car boot is a brilliant place to hide presents. Make sure to pop the standard boot picnic blanket over the top of them. Also, ensure that your car is parked in a secure location. This we absolutely insist on. If you do share a car, then temporarily pack them into the boot on the way round to mum and dads house!

storage tips

Storage Tips – The Storage Bed

Furl first became obsessed with storage, and in turn storage beds long before we started making them. We actually make a storage bed that is large enough to be able to store full sized suitcases. Just think how many presents you could fit into a large suitcase. And better still – lock the suitcase.

Despite the cut off date for pre-christmas 2016 delivery behind us, there is no time like now to prepare to next year! Head to our showroom in London to see just how brilliant our storage beds really are. Don’t worry, we will keep your secret safe. Your presents will stay hidden next year. Of course, because no one will know that your bed is a storage bed. Clever hey.

We will count down from 10 to 1, now go and hide those presents. Ready or not, here we come…

5 things to do before the year ends

We are sure that there is a long list of all the things we wish to do before the end of the year. However time just seems to run away with us. So we thought we would collate a list here at Furl of the must do’s in London. Offering a little Furl help to give you a few things to do before the year ends.

things to do before the year ends

1. Outdoor Ice Skating

Grab those ice skates, or bottle those nerves and get yourself down to one of the magical outdoor ice rinks before the year is out. It is always on our list of things to do, but for some reason, we just can’t seem to manage to make it down there before Christmas. Even though it is always good fun, it’s just not quite the same visiting in January. Be sure to wrap up warm though. And a note from me, who used to ice skate – wear gloves! There is nothing worse than your fingers sticking to the floor, or should we say ice, when trying to get back up after a sneaky fall.

We say to try The Tower of London ice rink. With a view of the city one way and Tower Bridge the other way, it is just beautiful.

things to do

2. Take a mini break

It is the time of the holiday isn’t it? Why not treat yourself to a little mini break out of the city. You may have a few holiday days left to take so don’t waste them away. Even though we love the city in the run up to Christmas, it can get a little bit chaotic. Nothing helps you relax more than a lovely stroll along the seaside. Perhaps with a hot chocolate at this time of year rather than an ice cream!

We say to head to Brighton’s beautiful coast. Only a short train ride away from London you will get there in no time at all. Wander along the Lanes for quirky gift ideas and relax with a stroll along the coast.

things to do before the end of the year

3. Visit an exhibition

With so many exhibits switching over in the New Year, book a date in your diary to go and visit the one you hoped to all year. These exhibitions do not last forever, and very rarely do they come back. We are still hitting ourselves for not making time to visit the interactive rain room at the Barbican. Don’t make the same mistake we did. Put some time aside before the year is out and make sure you don’t miss out.

We suggest a trip to The Hive at Kew Gardens. The award winning 17m high structure really is out of this world.

thing to do in London before christmas

4. Take up a new hobby

A hobby doesn’t always have to mean a sport. And New Years resolutions never last. So why not take up a new hobby in the run up to the end of the year. Of course there are plenty of things to do, but we want it to be weird and wonderful. Recently Hermione Granger, okay yes we know, Emma Watson, was spotted on the tube dropping off books for strangers to read. One could perhaps say good deed as well as new hobby. Whichever you prefer to say, we know you and someone else will be smiling at the end of the day.

We think it would be a nice and creative idea to write little happiness notes. Then leave them dotted around various parts of London for a stranger to read and smile.

things to do before the end of the year

5. Try a new recipe

And last of all, but certainly not least of all, why not try a new recipe. It has to be an incredible creative recipe, or something that you have never tried before. Otherwise, there would be no fun in doing it! Yes everyone loves a good old spag bol, but we can surely wait until January for another one of those. You never know, adding a new recipe to your things to do before Christmas list, might surprise you. It may end up on the Christmas day dinner table.

We suggest that if you have never tried eating chocolate covered bacon, you try this brilliant recipe. Stupidly easy and don’t knock it before it try it kind of recipe. Mmm our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

With so many things to do before the year ends and with so little time, which ones would you choose?

Christmas table styling ideas

Please forgive us, we promise not to talk too much more about Christmas until December!! Well we will certainly try our hardest that’s for sure. But before it’s too late, we just have to share with you our faves for the Christmas table styling this year.

christmas table styling

Christmas table styling is perhaps not at the forefront of our minds right now, but we are telling you, it should be! Of course, the star of the show on Christmas day is always the roast. So it is so important that the Christmas table styling is just as good as the dinner. If not better than the dinner! Placemats, menu cards, place names, foliage, candles, the list could go on forever. Here are three ways to style your Christmas table this year.

Glitz and Glamour

Gold, glitter and glamour. The most popular g’s associated with Christmas decoration. To create a timeless, classy look, you simply cannot go wrong with a pop of gold at the Christmas table. Back to our post from last week on golden Christmas decorating, beautiful gold or bronze knives and forks will add the perfect touch to your table. You really want the cutlery to provide the table wow, so pair them with simple elegant white crockery. Add a dark inky blue napkin tied with matching linen ribbon. Tuck a sprig of gold sprayed eucalyptus for an extra element of excitement. Sparkling tea lights will finish off the look beautifully.

christmas table styling
The Furl Allwood table in Cement

There is nothing better than gold themed Christmas table styling on a concrete type tabletop finish. This will really give your feast some industrial glamour. We have a fantastic cement table that will just do the trick. Try our Allwood coffee table – for those who need to accommodate 8 people this Christmas. Yes it really can seat 8 people!

Red & White

The go to twine for Christmas present wrapping is the quirky red and white. That alongside a touch of holly makes for the perfect gift under the tree. Why not transfer the gifts to the table this year? Find some tiny boxes and fill them with Christmas treats. Hold them shut with the twine and attach a sprig of holly. Pop these onto a silver beaded charger plate and add a red stained water glass. Scatter red and white candy canes along the table to keep the element of real fun. Add in a touch of silver for glamour – silver napkins and tea lights will keep everyone in the jovial Christmas spirit.

christmas table styling
The Furl Console table in White

Red and White table styling should be kept simply to a glorious white table. This shall ensure the style looks elegant and fun rather than tacky. We have a styled white Console table at our London showroom. Catch us nearer to the big date, and we may even have a few candy canes on it too!

Bold & Bright

Jolly, merry and bright are all things a Christmas table should be. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of wacky colour to your table. Taking on truly wonderful eclectic style, we say go to town with the colour this festive season. Ensure every glass, wine or water, is a different colour. Okay, you might have to double up if there are 14 of you, but you get the idea! Entertain the kids before the meal but having them fill a jar with baubles and stars as feature centerpieces. Keep the rest of the table sophisticated by adding very few additional colours. All white plates, all white napkins, all white crackers. Plus an assortment of brightly colour flowers to tie in the glassware.

christmas table styling
The Furl 4×4 Table in Oak

To add to the rustic eclectic charm, a wooden tabletop wouldn’t go a miss. If you have a large family to accommodate, our 4×4 table is just the perfect fit. Starting as a 6-seater and expanding to a 14-seater, it really is the one.

We can’t wait to see photos of your christmas table styling on your clever Furl tables.

Christmas Decorating – golden and fabulous

With Halloween and bonfire night gone, we all know the next occasion that is lingering around the corner. For those who frequent the coffee shops, you may have noticed that the Christmas cups have officially arrived. Yes, Christmas is not far off and the decorations are even closer to entering into our homes. So for the all important decoration wars, here are our tips to stay on trend when Christmas decorating within your home.

September’s London Fashion Week brought the beautifully rich golden yellow colour to the table. From catwalks to interiors, we knew at the time that golden yellow was going to be a big thing. And we weren’t wrong – It certainly has confirmed our key colour for Christmas decorating.

christmas decorating

The Wreath

Now we are all well aware that this is the ultimate Christmas decoration. Why? Because it is the first thing you see when approaching someone’s home at Christmas time. So it has to be knock out. The money leaf from John Lewis is a pretty golden yellow and would look beautiful against a painted grey or white door.

However if delicate is not what you are going for, we suggest the ultimate wreath from the fabulous Philippa Craddock. She charges by the metre, so you really could go to town. Archway is the new wreath. Add in a few golden feathers for interest and serious stand out status.


christmas decorating

The Tree

The tree usually takes pride of place in our living rooms, sometimes in the hallway if we have space. However you have to make it look like it has always lived there. Like the tree is meant to be there. The way to make this happen is to integrate it into your living room scheme.

To stick to the golden yellow theme, we suggest this year splashing out on a golden tree. The sparkling golden tinsel tree from M&S would work a treat. However don’t worry if you are not a fan of the fakes. Get creative and spray a real tree with glimmering golden spray paint. Of course golden yellow is new to town and so there may not be a whole lot of gold in your rooms already. Make the tree fit by adding in a couple of golden yellow crack cushions from Zoeppritz at Amara to your sofa and chairs.

christmas decorating

The Table

The golden yellow boundaries can be pushed so much as to decorate simply by using gold! I mean it does class as a yellowy finish, doesn’t it?

So we propose a new set of cutlery especially for Christmas. Beautiful golden knives and forks will add the perfect touch to your table this Christmas. No matter what your budget, you will be able to find something to work.

For those saving the pennies, head to Zara Home to find the perfect golden set. For those looking to splash out try the 16-piece set from Nordic House priced at £160. You want the cutlery to stand out as the feature on the table, so pair them with simple white crockery, elegant glassware and lots of candles.

4-seater Duette in Omega Velvet in Wattle. Available to see at our London Showroom
4-seater Duette in Omega Velvet in Wattle. Available to see at our London Showroom

Christmas decorating aside, the decorations are not the only thing we can add to our homes to celebrate at Christmas. To say the least, we can add swanky brand spanking new furniture into our homes. After all, it is the time of year to splash out on ourselves isn’t it? Plus we are absolutely certain that a new sofa will make the Christmas festivities all the more easier. So have you got family staying? Why not take a quick last minute dash to our showroom to have a look at our ‘perfect for every night’ sofa beds.

Lots of our customers use them every night of the week. So they really would be a brilliant addition to your living room to ensure you can fit all the family this christmas. Yes, of course they are available in a golden yellow fabric! In fact they are actually available in loads of different fabrics in loads of colours. And better still, by adding the express delivery the sofa beds are still available to be delivered BEFORE Christmas! Now wouldn’t that just be the best addition to Christmas decorating everrrr..

Bedroom Colour Schemes – which one would you choose?

Which colour scheme best suits your bedroom? Yes you absolutely can fit new bedroom colour schemes around the things you already have. We can’t ditch each item we own every time we want to change the design of our bedroom. For one, it just wouldn’t be feasible. A couple of weeks ago we shared this article by House to Home about bedroom colour schemes on our Twitter. They had a few clever ideas, and so we want to add to those with our take on bedroom schemes.

Different bedroom colour schemes create different moods and also work for different locations. Let’s say your house or apartment is in the middle of the city. You probably wouldn’t want to design your bedroom using a coastal theme. Well you could, but it wouldn’t really work unless you put a very clever city spin on coastal. Yet to be done, so you would be the first!

bedroom colour schemes
Exposed concrete, hot pink, dark woods, bronze and vibrant turquoise

City Chic

There are many types of decoration that fit for the city. House to Home told us to marry together two hot colours such as turquoise and pink, and we could not agree more! You don’t have to over do it, but if you are going to, the city is the place to do it. Subtle pops of colour will still bring the room to life. It is simple and cheap to change the colours of your walls and the cushions that you dress your bed with. So why not paint the wall behind your headboard in a bright colour. Then you can compliment it with cushions on the bed in the same shade or another hot colour.

If you are lucky and have space, you could even add in a cute bedroom chair in vibrant turquoise velvet. This would fit with a room that has exposed concrete or brick walls and hanging filament bulbs, like so many forever trending industrial places do. But these bold colours would fit just as well with a room featuring soft thick carpet, mirror and lots of trending copper or bronze.

bedroom colour schemes
Soft grey paint, walnut wood, lilac linen, cowhide rug and white shutters

Comforting Country

Country rooms don’t always have to be super rustic. Wood can still work in a contemporary take on original country styled bedrooms. It just needs to be softened slightly. Do this by adding in loads of soft fabrics. If you have a wooden floor, cover it with an oversized rug to take that edge of the rustic. Take away any wooden blinds from the windows and add in painted shutters for a slightly more contemporary feel.

Typically country rooms are often kept dark to keep them looking and feeling cozy. If you fancy adding a contemporary spin, then brighten it up with a soft shade of colour or a bright white lick of paint to the walls. Add a lilac throw to the end of the bed with a complimenting blanket box. All white bedding alongside soft grey walls and a huge textured hide on the floor really do work a treat for that grown up feel.

bedroom colour schemes
Off white linen, reclaimed wooden furniture, green bedlinen, rope details and striped accessories

Coastal Cool

With a coastal interior, you have to be careful not to end up with it looking a little twee. You can mix up the typical coastal bedroom colour schemes by going green and white instead of the more traditional blue and white. Reclaimed wooden shelves or storage units will add a touch of rustic but nothing too much. Upholster the bed and headboard in beautiful off white linen alongside pale green linen sheets and cushions. With pendant bedside lights now the craze, you could hang lights that feature rope. Add in circular shaped white accessories or mirrors framed with rope or the like to bring that nautical feel back into the room.

So it is very important to pick your bedroom scheme not only around the items you already have, but also around the location in which you are based.