Furnish on a budget – New Build Homes

Following a recent trip to Westfield in the heart of White City, I promise to look at their ongoing expansion as opposed to shop, albeit I may have left with one or two more bags than I arrived with, you can’t avoid noticing the sheer size of the development and in turn the amount of new properties about to flood the area. So with the ever-increasing desire to get onto the London property market, I want to share with you designer tips, not only on how to furnish a new build property but how to furnish on a budget.

Back in late April, the BBC television centre opened its doors to the show apartment for the first release of the whopping 5000 apartments to be completed in the area over the next couple of years. With an eye watering starting price of £550,000 for a studio apartment, not much of a budget is left over to actually decorate and furnish the property. So to help everyone achieve a homely feel, here are a few tips on how to give the new builds that designer look on a budget and how to be savvy with what we chose to spend our money on.

furnish on a budget

Get your curtains ordered before anything else

Space is a premium in London, and so you may be able to wave at a few other people from your windows. Make sure you get your blinds or curtains ordered around a month before you are set to move in. You don’t want to have any awkward first meetings with the neighbours!! Window dressings make such a difference in a space and really turn a house into a home. John Lewis has a brilliant off the shelf or bespoke service and with such a wide range of fabrics, you will be certain to find something in the right style and within budget.

Get away from the White walls

New build homes are more often than not sold as blank canvases, unless you have upgraded the specification at time of build, all walls will more than likely be plain white. Add your own personality through decorating with an easy paint fix. Despite being able to create beautiful interiors with all white walls, if you are lacking in the furniture department, a little colour on the walls will appear to make the space seem fuller than it actually is. A cherished gold from Dulux or a dark inky blue from Farrow and Ball are the favourites this year.

furnish on a budget

Invest in a good sofa

With most new builds now finished with an all in one living, kitchen and dining area the sofa is the heart of the entertaining space and so the first piece of furniture that you should invest in. The saying is true, you do get what you pay for and so by investing now, your sofa will move on with you when you finally save up enough to move again. Should you find yourself without a spare room or in a studio, investing in a good quality sofa bed that can be used every night of the week means that you won’t have to compromise on the socialising. Furl of course has a great sofa bed range, well worth looking at for a new build buyer.

Take everything one-step at a time

Don’t feel that you have to furnish a new build all at once. There is a feeling like no other when you find the perfect piece that you know will fit within your new home, and this takes both time to save the money and time to search for the perfect item. You will get great joy in filling up your home over time and creating memories in doing so.

For all of those first time buyers, congratulations! …And good luck!

Perfect table for food at your BBQ – The Revo

Our wonderful customers that come and visit us at our Showroom sometimes get us thinking, and we often say you provide us with some of our best ideas. Last week, many people were admiring our Revo Table, understandably of course, but their reasons were slightly different from ours – it was going to make the perfect table for food at this years summer gatherings.

So having a BBQ this week, or at least attempting to, even if we don’t get blessed with the sunshine? By now I am sure we have told you how great our clever tables are, and a ‘recently added’ addition to that list of greatness is use for displaying food at the weekend BBQ gathering! So for this glorious occasion, and as a thank you for constantly bringing smiles to our faces, we want to share with you our top three salad recipes for summer.

perfect table for food

perfect table for food

perfect table for food

Easy to make and delightful to eat, we hope you enjoy making these salads just as much as we have done. Always on the lookout for new salad recipes that look great displayed on our clever tables, we welcome your creations and look forward to adding them to our book of ‘table worthy’ recipes. Obsessed with styling, and just in case you didn’t know, they look fabulous displayed in the Sophie Conran Salad Bowls and stacked at different heights on our Revo Table!

For those of you who are yet to be dazzled by our Revo, it is a coffee table that transforms into a dining table. Both practical and beautiful, it opens up in a matter of seconds to become a dining table that can seat up to eight people. Designed to perfection, there are no fiddly screws to undo or leaves to store and it is available in both glass and wood finishes. Revo is on display for you to see and try at our London Showroom, and we wouldn’t say no to you testing it out with a good summer salad!

Guide on how to measure your space for a sofa bed

Sofa Beds are becoming a necessity in our homes in order to maintain our vivacious social lives and so to ensure you make the right decisions, here is a guide on how to measure your space for a sofa bed. With apartments and houses for that matter getting smaller by the day, or should we say more expensive by the day, it is becoming increasingly popular for our friends and family to have to crash on our sofas or mattresses on the floor.

At Furl we are excited by functional design and so we make sofa beds that you can sleep on every night. Gone are the days of having to feel an annoying spring in your back or rolling out onto the floor before morning. Still a little unsure, or finding it too good to be true, come and visit our Showroom to find out for yourself – don’t worry if you fall asleep, we shall take it as a compliment. Measuring your space for a sofa bed however is crucial, not only do you need to think about where the sofa will be going and how you wish to use it, you will also need to consider access so your sofa bed looks as though it was truly made for the space, no matter what size the room.

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

How big?
With later working days, the first thing we all want to do at the end of the day is relax and wind down on the sofa in front of the TV. For those with smaller spaces and perhaps only enough space for one sofa, it is common to want to fit the largest size of sofa possible. Be careful though when plotting out your room – leave yourself enough space for a side table or coffee table to hold your drink and books. Of course with sofa beds, the larger the size, the larger the bed. This will of course be a big decision to make when considering which size of sofa bed is right for your space.

Sofa Bed Size guide

  • Write down the dimensions from our website – sometimes our sofa beds have more than one arm width, which of course affects the overall size. Have a look at the different arm options for each model and consider these when plotting the sofa size out in your room.
  • Make sure you measure your final specification of sofa bed (including all of it’s option that may affect it’s dimensions) in your living room before making a purchase.

Top Tip: The best way of measuring is again exactly as we recommend you measure in our Guide to Measuring for a Storage Bed by using masking tape to map out the size of the sofa out onto your floor.

  • Ideally you would like to have at least 40cm in between the sofa and your coffee table as this will leave you enough space to comfortably walk around the coffee table to the sofa bed.
  • Ideally you would like to have at least 30cm on either one side or both sides of the sofa bed. This means that when it is open, your guests can access the bed with ease. Of course, the more space the more comfortable access shall be for your guests.
  • In order to open the sofa bed, you will need about 210cm in length. Most of our sofa beds have an opening length of 205cm and so consider this within the positioning of your sofa.

Top Tip: Make sure you can still open any doors both when the sofa is closed or open as a bed.

Don’t worry if you are moving into somewhere new and you don’t have access to the space yet. Send through your floor plan or measurements and one of the team will advise which size would fit best. Most of our sofa beds are available in five different sizes providing you with five different mattress size options. We keep the mechanism as close to the sofa frame as we possibly can, keeping any opening dimensions as small as feasible. If your heart is set of a particular model and it doesn’t quite fit get in touch. As we make all of our products to order in the UK, we may be able to shave off a couple of centimetres from each arm (or more if necessary) to ensure a perfect fit.

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

Top Tip: No matter which sofa model, if you choose a three seater the mattress size within shall always be the same no matter what the difference in overall width between the models. It is the size of the arm that varies the overall size of the sofa. For example, if you chose a three seater and go for a slim arm, the mattress will not be any bigger than if you chose a three seater with a wide arm.

Top Tip: If you are struggling for space, or your space is limited, choose the slimmer arm option on any of the models.

how to measure your space for a sofa bed

Measuring Access

Once you have worked out which size of bed you might need and also which size of sofa that will fit into your room, measuring the access is the next thing to do. We understand tight spaces though and so we like to make our deliveries as simple as possible. Our Sofa Beds at Furl are delivered in sections and assembled on site by our very own delivery team if you select our Home Installation option.

Despite making things really simple, we still advise measuring all of your access points to the room, especially if the space is tricky or if you are planning on creating a cinema room in the attic or playroom in the basement.

  • Doorways – Is the height of your door no smaller than width of the mattress within the sofa bed? If it is then you will need to make sure that the access is sizeable enough to manoeuvre the item in the other way.
  • Stairwells – How much height do you have? Do you think that you would be able to manoeuvre parts around this space?
  • Consider any other items that may take up some of your space in corridors or entranceways such as picture frames, radiators or light fittings.

Top Tip: The largest part of the sofa bed will be the folded mechanism containing the bed. This will be the width of the mattress in whichever size you select.

If you are creating a den room in a tucked away space and have any questions about access please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our delivery team will bring your sofa bed into the room, assemble it for you and then take all of the packaging away with them. The only thing you need to do is pop the kettle on.

Recreate family time with a traditional dining experience

Enjoying a family meal is now more challenging than ever. The average family spends just 5.9 hours a week preparing and cooking meals. Compare that to the 13.2 hours spent on average in India and you get an idea of just how hectic the average UK household is. Unfortunately, the knock on effect of this lack of spare time impacts family time. We want to help recreate this family time.

A 2015 survey found that 19% of Brits spend no time at all eating with their family. It also found that the hottest tea-time topic was dominated by what was on the TV; another hint that having a family meal around the dining table is becoming a rarity. This worrying decline has an impact on the development of children.

Furl wants to combat this decline by encouraging families to get back into the dining room, even if you have very little space for a family dining table – we have you covered!