Which Upholstered Headboard would you choose?

Last week we spoke to you about how to mount a headboard to your bed. However this still might not have helped you to decide which style of upholstered headboard you might actually want to mount. So we thought that we would introduce you to all of ours. That way deciding which handmade upholstered headboard might be the one for you will be like a walk in the park.

upholstered headboard


Now we have told you a little bit more about the ways of mounting an upholstered headboard, you should understand this a little more than before. Deeply can come as either an Integrated or Non Integrated Headboard. If you’ve just joined us, have a look at the differences between the two in the last blog post.

Deeply is both luxurious and contemporary at the same time and made by our skilled upholsters at our workshops in Nottingham. We say pick deeply for a French Chic or Luxury Hotel styled bedroom.

upholstered headboard


Buttons is ever so slightly subtler than deeply. If you want to add a touch of feminine luxury to your room then this is probably the one for you. It certainly shouts statement headboard, just a little more quietly.

It can come as either an integrated 60cm height or as a non-integrated headboard and in two different heights. They come in either 60cm or 90cm, which means the usable height above the mattress. Just remember that the 90cm headboard would have to be mounted to the wall.

upholstered headboard


Again this upholstered headboard can come as integrated or non-integrated and the same rules as the last one still apply.

Lines is a little more contemporary and fits in perfectly with a New York loft style apartment. Of course it’s also very well suited to a modern industrial style for that matter. It certainly helps to elongate the room too. So if your room is narrow then this is perhaps the one for you.

upholstered headboard

Perhaps the most stylish of our headboards, Mondrian would certainly be the showstopper in your bedroom. Whether that be ultra modern or lux glam, this headboard will work for you.

Due to it’s wooden surround, Mondrian works best as a Non Integrated headboard. Due to the two heights, you can either have it non integrated or wall mounted. The higher of the two at 105cm, wall mounted of course, really gives you the wow you may have been hoping for.

upholstered headboard


Simplicity is sometimes the best. Our standard headboard is just quite simply a plain rectangular headboard. It finishes off your bed perfectly, giving you the opportunity to use a funky wallpaper. Or smother your bed with different patterned cushions.

Standard can come as an integrated, non integrated or wall mounted headboard. So you can find the perfect fit for your room. If you have a wow factor wall paper, we would suggest the 60cm size to allow enough of your wallpaper to be seen.

upholstered headboard


Dune gained its name from the soft sweeping curve that romantically finishes the top of the headboard. Slightly more traditional, this style is well suited to a feminine room. It compliments that French chic style beautifully.

Our Dune headboard looks particularly good on our Air bed base as this is also soft in design. Dune can come as integrated or non integrated. However we would recommend sticking with integrated for this one, as otherwise the sides might feel a little low.

upholstered headboard


This soft curve takes the edge off all of those other straight lines within your bedroom. Our chunkiest headboard at 10cm in depth, Horizon is certainly a popular with those looking for a comfy bed in a comfy looking bedroom.

Due to the larger depth, 10cm as opposed to all of our other headboards at 6cm, Horizon has to come as an Integrated headboard. There are two heights though, 50cm and 70cm. Remember that means the usable height above the mattress. For our lower beds we recommend 50cm, and for our higher beds 70cm. This keeps the upholstered headboard in proportion to the base.

upholstered headboard

A curve slightly more rounded than that on the Horizon, this headboard is perfect for those who wish to break the straight lines without being too chunky. Romantic and delicate, Curves is perhaps a little more traditional in it’s style.

Curves can be mounted in all three available ways and again has two heights, the highest of which needs to be wall mounted.

upholstered headboard


The name gives this one away. Gentle is known for its soft gentle curve and boy is it that. The softness of this headboard works with all styles of room design. Whether that be traditional, rustic, modern or luxury.

If you are looking to save space, as this design tapers off slightly at the ends, the headboard visually looks space saving. Of course by going for the non integrated version you will save in more space within a small room. If you are lucky and have a little more room, this headboard is available as both integrated, non integrated and wall mounted.

upholstered headboard


Last but by no means least, is our headboard Squares. Now Squares is actually incredibly similar to buttons and buttons can also be made with the stitching that squares is too. They are priced the same as well, so if you can’t find one on our website, you know to price it as the other.

This design works perfectly in modern, perhaps contemporary industrial rooms and can also come as an integrated, non integrated or wall mounted upholstered headboard.

So which upholstered headboard would you choose?

Remember all of our headboards can be made in any fabric that our beds can be made in. That includes linen, wool, suede, velvet, woven fabrics, pattered fabrics and of course leather too. We have our full range of fabrics available to see and touch at our showroom in London. All of our headboards can also be attached to any of our bed bases, so everything is interchangeable. So which upholstered headboard would you choose?

Keeping up with the Colour Trends for 2017

How shocked are you on a scale of 1 to 10? YES, we are already talking about the colour trends for 2017! Well over half way through the year, it is certainly time to start thinking about what next year has in store for us. Renovation projects starting now are not likely to be finished until early next year. So having a good idea of what the colour trends for 2017 are doesn’t sound so silly now.

A couple of weeks ago we shared an article on our Facebook Page featured in Elle Decor. It was indeed about the colours that everyone will be talking about next year. So in order to not get left behind we wanted to share some tips for using those all-important trending colours.

Colour Trends for 2017

We can hear you all – go on then tell us what they are so we can get going! Well, personality type has actually divided the trending colours this year. So for those who are not too shy to be bold, your colour trends for 2017 are Tealy-Green, Deep Blue and Sunshine Yellow. For the slightly more subdued, your colour trends for 2017 are Minty Blue-Green, Mineral Grey and Earthy Green paired with Taupe or Beige. Anyone comfortable with colours, your colour trends for 2017 are Dusty Yellow, Pastel Pink and Soft Aqua.

Introducing trending colours into an interior design can be difficult, as they are of course after all, trending. Be careful not to end up out of date in a year’s time. Try adding in accessories using trending colours as they can then be easily changed. You may decide that you truly love the colour, in which case it can of course outlive its trend!

colour trends 2017

For those who are pretty confident and don’t mind be bold with colour, certainly go to town with the shades suggested for next year. A new sofa in striking velvet would really create a statement within your living area. If you aren’t too sure on the colour, then perhaps paint a feature wall to begin with. You can always paint the remaining walls if it really works in the room.

Add in a bold statement piece of furniture in one of the trending colours
Add in a bold statement piece of furniture in one of the trending colours for 2017

If you prefer to be a little different and own an older period property, paint the floors. This really makes a wow impact to a room and revives any old floorboards you may have considered replacing. If your house is a little newer, painting the floor might not work. You ideally want a high ceiling if going as bold as painting the floor, as to not make the room seem too small. So instead, perhaps consider adding in a feature appliances wall in the kitchen in the trending colour. You can then compliment the units with little details, such as the kettle and the toaster in the same colour.

If you are not quite so sure on introducing colour into your home, particularly if it is trending, then be very cautious. There is nothing wrong with just adding a couple of cushions to your sofas in the trending colour you prefer. Alternatively try a new set of towels in the nominated colour to create a real statement in the bathroom. Just by adding in subtle details, like choosing a soap that is in the same colour as the towels, will make a big difference.

colour trends 2017

Those who are confident with colour may already have lots of colour in their home. So you simply need to look at using the colour that best compliments the ones they already have. Or alternatively, consider replacing one of your older colours. It is often quite common within houses that are comfortable with colours, to add in large pieces of a new colour. Armchairs look great in a bright pop of colour in both the living room or bedroom if you have space.

colour trends 2017

Be wary of adding in pastel pink unless the rest of your room is very clean, white and silvery as otherwise it can look quite sickly. The best way of adding this shade of pink is through artwork and occasional vases. A yellow statement radiator is certainly the ‘in thing’ at the moment when it comes to the softer pastel yellows. Some radiators actually even look more like artwork than they do a radiator.

Get ahead of the game and be the first to show off the fabulous new colour trends for 2017 in your home.

Bed Dressing Ideas that will compete with Hotel Beds

Dressing a bed is important if you want to create a statement or feature within your bedroom. But we hear you, how are we supposed to know how many cushions or pillows are the right amount? We want the bed to look pretty, but without going too over the top. Of course, the last thing we want to do is spend hours removing cushions before we go to bed! Here are the dos and don’ts of bed dressing. Along with a few bed dressing ideas, you will soon be competing with those beautiful hotel beds we are all so fond of.

Image donated by House of Three
Image donated by House of Three

We gave a few bed dressing ideas in our blog about how to style your bedroom like an interior designer. The way that we dress our bed can be the make it or break it to designer status. Beginning with the optimum amount of cushions that are appropriate for a certain size of bed.

bed dressing ideas

How many cushions is the right amount?

Only to be used as a guideline as it shall all be relative to your style, add two cushions to Double bed. For a King size bed, add four cushions and to a Super King bed, add six cushions. You will want to add any extra cushions on top of the two to four pillows that you will actually need for sleeping. The more cushions you use, the more of a luxurious boutique bedroom feel you will create. Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending ten minutes undressing your bed at the end of a long day, then of course add in as many cushions as you like. I have seven cushions to a King Size bed– but I had to make a deal to remove and replace all of them myself every day!

What is the right way of placing cushions?

There is no right way of placing cushions to dress a bed, but there are ways of creating different styles. If your bedroom is a little Moroccan and Boho in its style, then you may want to place different sized cushions so they aren’t symmetric or in order to create a messy look. Making sure all of your cushions are different sizes will add to the eclectic look. You will also enhance this by ensuring they are all in different fabrics too.

bed dressing ideas

The most common way of placing cushions on the bed is in height order. If you are only going for two cushions, it is quite common to have oblong shaped ones, but square cushions would also work. When using four cushions it is often the case that you would have two different sizes. These consist of two large cushions and two smaller ones. Standing the pillows up, you would then add the two large followed by the smaller ones in front. All four cushions could be matching fabrics. Or the two large ones could be in a neutral fabric with the two smaller ones with a patterned texture. For those of you wanting six cushions, repeat the process as before. Then add in two oblong ones to the front, perhaps in the same fabric as the larger cushions.

Don’t match the colour of your throw to your bedding.

Adding on a throw to your bed in the same colour as your bedding is a waste of money. The point of having a throw is to make it stand out. This doesn’t have to mean going for a vibrant, bold colour or pattern. Just make sure that the shade is a contrast to the bedding colour. You can buy throws in all shapes and sizes. If you just want to dress the bed nicely but without too much hassle undressing, then perhaps consider a runner as opposed to a throw. They are much thinner and finish the look of bed nicely. Add in two matching cushions for a simple yet sophisticated appearance.

If you manage to find an oversized throw, you will find that the throw may actually work in the same colour as the bedding. If the throw reaches the floor on all sides of the bed, it will then contrast with the floor. Oversized throws create a modern luxury bedroom style.

bed dressing ideas

Send us some pictures of your better than hotel styled beds, especially if your bed is a storage bed from Furl!

Choosing your bedroom colour scheme

Choosing the right colour for your bedroom can be fairly difficult. Actually understanding what each of the colours can represent and what they truly mean is a little trickier. To make it easier for you to decide which bedroom colour scheme might be the right one for you, here is an explanation of the meanings behind all of the core colours that you may want to use.

bedroom colour scheme


A popular colour within the word of design, blue is suggested to inspire, relax and create a great sense of security. With so many different shades of the colour blue, it can be difficult to find the right one. Not every shade is right for your bedroom, especially if you are looking to create a relaxing feel. The most popular shade for a bedroom colour scheme is a deeper inky blue. This shade creates a moody atmosphere within the room, but also keeps the room dark and in turn peaceful. Due to its serene nature, it is therefore very popular amongst people that struggle sleeping at night.

bedroom colour scheme


Mint green is the best shade of the green to use when styling or decorating a bedroom. Fairly sickly to use block as the colour on the walls, mint green is best introduced as room accessories. Unless of course you added it through a subtler wallpaper pattern rather than block colour. The colour brings a sense of freshness and tranquility to a room. Great for those who work in high-pressured jobs, you can come home to a bedroom exuding relaxation.

choosing a bedroom colour scheme


Yellow is another tricky colour when it comes to finding the right shade, with so many to offer. Of course, gold also comes under the yellow category when we are designing a home. As a very happy and uplifting colour, it puts a smile on our faces when we enter a room. But be careful to only use earthy yellow and gold when decorating your bedroom. If you are looking for a luxury feel, add in subtle gold finishing touches. Door handles, window latches, photo frames and trinket dishes all work brilliantly in a luxury scheme. Due to the happiness of the colour, it is often only used in the sociable spaces of our homes such as the kitchen or living room. For an extremely sociable person however, it is brilliant as a bedroom colour scheme.

bedroom colour scheme



No matter how we use it, red will always be linked to passion and love. However when used in a bedroom colour scheme, it quite often represents power and wealth. Picking the correct shade of red again can be tricky as there are so many to choose from. Anything too bold can sometimes come across as tacky if used in large quantities. The deeper, darker, fuller shades of red are ideal for keeping your bedroom design sumptuous. Rich reds are often combined with deep purples, which also imply authority in design. Both of these together are often used as the key colours in homes designed for those in the limelight.

choosing a bedroom colour scheme

Regardless of which colour you introduce into your bedroom, it doesn’t have to fill the room completely. It is best to pair the colour with two other neutral colours, keeping the space fresh and bright if you add in white. For something a little more mysterious, pair the colour with darker neutrals such as grey or black. Figuring out which colour best relates to your personality, choosing your bedroom colour scheme will be easy. Or perhaps we should say as easy as possible!

If you still aren’t sure which colour might be right for your bedroom, then you can order some of our free fabric samples to test them out at home.

Make your guests feel welcome

Without any space for a guest room, and despite having a brilliantly comfortable sofa bed from Furl, we still want our guests to feel special when they stay over. For most of us, we need to use the sofa right up until the end of the evening so can’t prepare the bed before our guests arrive. Despite not having a dedicated spare bedroom, here are a few things you can do to make your guests feel welcome.


Prepare all of the bedding before your guests arrive so you aren’t madly trying to find the duvet late into the evening after a couple of glasses of wine. No matter what the time and how quickly they may remove everything, dress the bed as you would wish to find it in a hotel. Make sure to use a matching duvet set; nothing makes guests feel like you can’t really accommodate them more than different pillowcases. Add a couple of cushions to dress the bed and some coordinative blankets to throw over each arm for if the room feels cold. Don’t feel like you have to buy extra cushions just for the sofa bed, the cushions that are already on the sofa are more than acceptable.


Try and sweep the area for anything that doesn’t need to be lying around. There is nothing worse than having to sleep amongst that nights half eaten cheese board, so try and clear everything to the kitchen. Burn a candle for a couple of hours in the evening or perhaps add a Jo Malone diffuser to your coffee table to keep the room feeling fresh.


Turn your sofa side tables or coffee table into bedside tables by adding a small clock and a couple of magazines on one side and a jug of water, lamp and vase of fresh flowers to the other side. If you know your guests well, you could get their favourite magazines and send them home with them if they don’t get a chance to read them in the morning. These little touches will make your guests feel really special and make the space feel much more like a bedroom.

Little Details

Your guests may be staying on an impromptu visit, or without too much warning so they may not have all the toiletries they need with them. Provide a little basket in the bathroom full of fluffy towels, a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam, soap, makeup wipes, toothpaste and perhaps a couple of cheap unused toothbrushes. None of these have to be full size or even particularly expensive. You may have stocked up on a few hotel freebies, but if not lots of places do perfect travel sized versions that will help to make your guests feel more at home.

make your guests feel welcome

Your guests should wake up in the morning feeling well and truly spoilt. Treat them to fresh baked croissants and they will be speaking about how lovely your home is for a decade. Just hope they don’t start telling people you aren’t so keen on staying how marvellous their visit was!

Furnish on a budget – New Build Homes

Following a recent trip to Westfield in the heart of White City, I promise to look at their ongoing expansion as opposed to shop, albeit I may have left with one or two more bags than I arrived with, you can’t avoid noticing the sheer size of the development and in turn the amount of new properties about to flood the area. So with the ever-increasing desire to get onto the London property market, I want to share with you designer tips, not only on how to furnish a new build property but how to furnish on a budget.

Back in late April, the BBC television centre opened its doors to the show apartment for the first release of the whopping 5000 apartments to be completed in the area over the next couple of years. With an eye watering starting price of £550,000 for a studio apartment, not much of a budget is left over to actually decorate and furnish the property. So to help everyone achieve a homely feel, here are a few tips on how to give the new builds that designer look on a budget and how to be savvy with what we chose to spend our money on.

furnish on a budget

Get your curtains ordered before anything else

Space is a premium in London, and so you may be able to wave at a few other people from your windows. Make sure you get your blinds or curtains ordered around a month before you are set to move in. You don’t want to have any awkward first meetings with the neighbours!! Window dressings make such a difference in a space and really turn a house into a home. John Lewis has a brilliant off the shelf or bespoke service and with such a wide range of fabrics, you will be certain to find something in the right style and within budget.

Get away from the White walls

New build homes are more often than not sold as blank canvases, unless you have upgraded the specification at time of build, all walls will more than likely be plain white. Add your own personality through decorating with an easy paint fix. Despite being able to create beautiful interiors with all white walls, if you are lacking in the furniture department, a little colour on the walls will appear to make the space seem fuller than it actually is. A cherished gold from Dulux or a dark inky blue from Farrow and Ball are the favourites this year.

furnish on a budget

Invest in a good sofa

With most new builds now finished with an all in one living, kitchen and dining area the sofa is the heart of the entertaining space and so the first piece of furniture that you should invest in. The saying is true, you do get what you pay for and so by investing now, your sofa will move on with you when you finally save up enough to move again. Should you find yourself without a spare room or in a studio, investing in a good quality sofa bed that can be used every night of the week means that you won’t have to compromise on the socialising. Furl of course has a great sofa bed range, well worth looking at for a new build buyer.

Take everything one-step at a time

Don’t feel that you have to furnish a new build all at once. There is a feeling like no other when you find the perfect piece that you know will fit within your new home, and this takes both time to save the money and time to search for the perfect item. You will get great joy in filling up your home over time and creating memories in doing so.

For all of those first time buyers, congratulations! …And good luck!

Style your bedroom like an Interior Designer

You work really hard, you have a family that keeps you on your toes all hours of the day or maybe you just love being in bed! The design of your bedroom is so important as it is the place that you get to finally relax, recharge and spend a little bit of time just being you. To introduce myself, I’m Becca, a qualified Interior Designer that has worked with Furl for the last three years. You may have met me at the London Showroom, where I am on hand to give you interiors advice, help you to plan your room and advise on colour selections that fit into your existing theme. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, and so I want to advise you on how to style your bedroom like an Interior Designer.

Style your bedroom like a designer


The first thing to consider when designing and styling your bedroom is always the colour. You need to ask yourself what atmosphere you would like to create. If the definition of a bedroom for you is a ‘space to relax’, think neutral or soft muted shades of colour. For some, the bedroom needs to feel passionate and enticing, so moody, dark on-trend colours like deep blue and purple would create a perfect ambiance. No matter what the desired design style may be, use three shades of colour together. These could be as simple as white, grey and blush or something bolder such as grey, yellow and teal. Introduce these colours in sections throughout the room. Paint the walls teal, keep the bed, curtains and carpet in shades of grey and accessorise or add your feature pieces in a striking shade of yellow.

Image from House of Three
Image from House of Three


The right balance of texture is key to ensuring that your bedroom comes with that Interior Designer status. Be careful not to add too many different types of wood into a room, if you choose the most popular wood of 2016, Walnut – stick with it! Mirror, velvet and high pile rugs to soften wooden floors are textures that usually feature within a room that has been touched by a designer. The way you dress your bed is also the make it or break it to designer status. Finish the bed with a sumptuous throw and cushions. The size of your bed determines the optimum amount of cushions you should have. Add two to a double, four to a king and six to a super king. Stick to these quantities as the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is spend ten minutes undressing your bed before you can get into it.

Statement Headboard


A bedroom would not be complete without a focal point or statement piece. The bed of course is the most important item of furniture within the room and so why not finish it off properly with a statement headboard. If your ceilings are average height, the headboard may not have to be as tall as you would think to stand out as a feature. Furl have some beautiful headboards in larger heights if you want to create that showoff status. If you have never really understood the headboard, an interesting piece of artwork or statement chandelier would also do the trick. For those we all envy with a little more space, an armchair in a striking fabric would work perfectly.


Don’t forget to accessorise, as this is definitely the most important part of styling your bedroom. Have all of your treasures displayed around your room, so you wake up every morning remembering the stories behind collecting them. Bedside styling must not just be beautiful, but also practical. The lamp is for reading, and so the collections of books aren’t just for show. Candles and vases full of flowers soften the space and the scent given is also relaxing. Your bedside tables do not have to match and neither do your accessories. The less symmetrical the layout, the more vintage your design style will become.

Listen to what your heart tells you when it comes to your bedroom design, stay away from using items or colours that you really don’t like just because it’s ‘on trend’ as you will start the day imperfectly. However most of all have fun and get creative!

Who are Furl?


transforming furbutre Furl


Hello, and welcome to Furl, the only name you’ll ever need for space-saving and innovative multifunctional furniture.  We’re the experts in Storage Beds, Sofa Beds, Extending Tables, Ottomans with storage and so much more. In fact anything that gives you back your space and improves your home life.  We’re passionate about Living Furniture, which is what we call furniture that transforms from one useful item into another.

So, why Furl?  Furl is the new name for The Storage Bed Company.  Since 2007 we’ve been offering lots more than just storage beds, so to keep it simple we’ve created a new brand to bring everything together in one memorable place. And that place is furl.co.uk

What does Furl mean and where has it come from? Is Furl a strange name for a company that makes furniture?

It won’t come as any surprise that as much thought went into finding the right name for the new us as goes into designing our practical, multifunctional furniture.

What comes to mind for you when you say the word Furl? To me it’s a flower in transition from bud to bloom – that magical process where something starts so small and insignificant and becomes something so beautiful. Or it’s flags and sails that quickly and easily transform from something enormous and hugely practical into a very neat tidy package.

Furl is all about movement and transition, opening and closing, rising and falling. And that is a sentiment that carries with many of our products. Our sofa beds easily open and close to change from a sofa to bed and back; the storage beds lift to go from bed to storage space. The tables open out or rise to go from coffee or console table to a dining table for up to 10.

So you can see that as a business we’ve always focused on furniture that folds and unfolds, rolls out and transforms from one product into another – so again Furl seemed just right.

And that is Furl.  Space saving functional furniture that you’ll enjoy, use and show off!   Most of our products are proudly made and designed by us at our workshops in Nottingham.

The result is practical, space saving furniture for homes that live.