Merry Christmas from all of us at Furl

We just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas from Furl!

merry christmas

‘so this is christmas, and what have you done. another year over and a new one just begun. and so this is christmas, we hope you have fun. the near and the dear ones, the old and the young…

Thank you to all of our lovely customers and blog readers for all of your support this year. It has been an absolute pleasure having you to visit at our showroom. For those who are yet to pop in and see us, perhaps you can visit first thing in the New Year. It has been an absolute joy to make all of your orders. Our workshop team continue to love making each unique product just for you. Our delivery team have thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every one of you lovely people and hope to meet you all again at some point in the future.

That’s it from us now for a couple of weeks. However, we sure can’t wait to be back with you again soon. A new year always brings about exciting new things. We really cannot wait to meet all of our customers for the year 2017. Challenge us, drive us and keep us on our toes. We always say that our customers come up with the best of ideas. Here’s to the best year yet!

So for one last time, please pick up your glass. Toast to Christmas day and a brilliant 2017 and have a good old sing along with us.

‘WE WISH YOU A MERRY Christmas. we wish you a merry christmas. we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!’

Ps. If you are reading this blog on the 25th December get back to that Christmas Dinner. Nobody likes a cold Christmas Dinner!

Best Interiors Instagram Accounts – Our top 6

Ho Ho Hello! It’s only 5 days until Christmas and our Christmas countdown continues! Of course we all love Christmas Day, but we also always have that down time. You know the time, when the dinner is eaten and the presents are all opened. Everyone is a little bit tired, and totally full. So we thought this year, you could have a little scroll through some of the best interiors Instagram accounts.

We just cannot get enough of all of the Instagram inspiration. Our favourites are in no particular order. We tried, but it was just too hard to say which one was best. So, here you go, the best interiors Instagram accounts. Happy early Christmas from Furl.

best interiors instagram accounts

It was just so difficult to start this off.  So we thought there would be no better way than first of all sharing with you the Instagram account of our favourite Interior Design magazine. With their huge 99.7k following, and recently a divine palette of greens and blues, this feed is a treat for your eyes. There isn’t a day that passes, where we don’t check in on this page.

best interiors instagram accounts

Here are the last 6 shots from the lovely @elledecorationuk.

For those who love a little bit of glamour, mixed with an industrial twist, this Instagram account is the one for you. Full of a moody palette of colours, this feed is absolutely packed with inspiration. We will eat our hats if you don’t want to redecorate your home after flicking through this feed on Christmas Day.

best interiors instagram accounts

The divine last 6 shots from @homeadore.

best interiors instagram accounts

Scandinavian design has taken centre stage over the last couple of years and this Instagram account certainly shows off how to do it best. With an incredibly impressive following at over 250k, these Scandi Interior Designers know exactly what they are doing. If you are looking to design your home in this style, this is the best interiors Instagram account for you.

best interiors instagram accounts

Feast your eyes on these 6 shots from the brilliant @scandinavianhomes.

With christmas coming, we couldn’t not embrace the beautiful Rebecca that has recently added a few elegant decorations to her feed. With a soft french chic style, full of white, we always feel incredibly calm after flicking through her images.

best interiors instagram accounts

So take a look at the last 6 beautifully calming shots from @65m2_.

best interiors instagram accounts

Grey has for a long while been the most popular colour for interior decorating. This Instagram account certainly isn’t missing a little bit of grey. Mixed with gorgeous earthy colours it is far from dull.

best interiors instagram accounts

Cozey up with the last 6 shots from the great @fiefroeling.

From cozy to luxurious, this interior designer is not short of fabulous interiors to show. Projects are shot in the likes of Chelsea, Belgravia, Mayfair and everywhere else with a hot London postcode. The luxurious London style may not be up your street, but it will certainly give you lots to think about if redesigning your home.

best interiors instagram accounts

So finally here are the last 6 shots from the stupendous @laurahammett.interiors.

Leaving you with the best interiors Instagram accounts, we also wanted to give you with a little bit of Christmas wreath inspiration. Here’s to the 20th, and the final countdown to christmas!

countdown to christmas

6 Sleeping Tips for Christmas Eve

The excitement of Christmas is really starting to build, and the big day is getting oh so much closer. In complete style, we continue our advent countdown with a few sleeping tips for the run up to the big day itself. Not sure about you, but we still get a few butterflies in our tummy awaiting Santa’s visit. So the Christmas Eve sleep we end up getting isn’t quite what we need for a full day of festivities. So here are a few sleeping tips to ensure you are on top form for the whole of Christmas day.

sleeping tips - advent

Taking advice for the experts when it comes to sleeping tips is certainly advisable. Even though Christmas Eve sleeping is a little bit different, their professional tips can still work wonders. So here is where we turn to the Sleep Foundation. Now lots of their tips are for general life, but some of those apply to those christmas eve jitters.

‘Wind down. Your body needs time to shift into sleep mode, so spend the last hour before bed doing a calming activity such as reading’.

We have a family tradition that every Christmas Eve we watch a film. But not just any film, it has to be a Christmas film! Perhaps this is the problem though – bright light stops you from sleeping easily. Do you have any Christmas family traditions? Tweet us at @Furl_Home. Perhaps reading might work for your family.

‘Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows. Make sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive’.

Ahem to that! Of course this sounds pretty self explanatory, however you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that ‘make do’. Get yourself out and testing new mattress if you don’t absolutely love getting into yours. We have a lovely selection of mattresses to test and choose from. We recommend knowing nothing about them before testing them. So come on down to our London Showroom and give them a go. Delivery for this year may have passed, but there is nothing wrong with getting yourself ready for next year.

advent sleeping tips

Thanks professionals, but now we come to those weird and wonderful ways of falling asleep. It would be boring if it wasn’t weird wouldn’t it. The Telegraph gives a few sleeping tips away that are just pure genius.

‘The 4-7-8 Technique – lightly touch the ridge of tissue behind your top front teeth with your tongue, exhale completely, and then adopt the following breathing pattern:
– Breathe in through your nose quietly for a count of 4
– Hold your breath for a count of seven
– Blow air out through your mouth for a count of 8, making a ‘whoosh’ sound
– Repeat the process three more times’

So here we have the new version of counting sheep. However this is actually the proven version so don’t knock it before you try it. They say it is particularly helpful in times of stress. Which of course what they are actually referring to is the stress behind the realisation that Santa might actually forget to visit you. The second tip that they give us is a little more funny. Just you wait…

‘Try staying awake’

I mean seriously? That is the absolute opposite of what we are trying to do! However, they are totally, completely right, it works! Two rules though – you are not allowed to move around or watch TV. This is the absolute dream for us as it makes the build up to Christmas Day so much more exciting.   Not forgetting the proven fact that Santa prefers to visit later to avoid you from hearing him! (Sorry).

advent sleeping tips

So following on from the weird and wonderful sleeping tips, now we just have the plain weird sleeping tips. Yes, we are going to try both of these on Christmas Eve this year. Don’t worry, we will aim to report back.

‘Eat a spoonful of raw organic honey before going to bed. Or for a savoury snack, eat two tbs of raw almond butter on celery’.

We did warn you that it was weird. But it could become the new family Christmas tradition or perhaps even part of a game. The winner gets the honey, and the loser gets the raw almond butter on celery. What have you got to lose?

‘Take a cold bath or shower before going to bed’.

Now this one seems more like the losers prize to us, but despite being weird, it works. Your body temperature lowers for sleeping, so this just speeds up the process a little.

Hopefully you will be able to get a good nights kip before this years Christmas Day.

advent sleeping tipsSo here’s to a happy 13th December. We thought we would leave you with a few bonus tips on the colours you should be using to decorate with. If you have a taupe or sand based home interior scheme, decorate with golds and white. If you have a grey scheme, decorate with silver, white and green. No matter what your home colour scheme, make sure you throw in lots of candles. This is what makes Christmas magical.

6 Interior Design Tips from the Professionals

We’re not quite sure if it is just us that are this excited that the advent countdown has finally begun!!!! (Yes we may have used a few too many exclamation marks there). However, Christmas is officially on its way. So to celebrate hitting the 6th day of advent and with the present hiding sorted, we wanted to share 6 interior design tips from the professionals. Of course, your home needs to be looking top notch for when the family poll up on Christmas day.

interior design tips

If you have already been browsing for a few interior design tips for a home renovation project, you may already have come across the lovely Daniel Hopwood. Fortunately for all of us, The Great Interior Design Challenge will be back on our screens in early 2017. In the meantime though, here is some advice from Studio Hopwood.

“The key with good design is just to have a limited palette of finishes. They say that you can build a palace with just three.” – Daniel Hopwood

Don’t go overboard on the amount of textures you need to add into a room. Start with three – a fabric, a shade of wood and a metal. Then take it from there.

Well we couldn’t leave out Daniel’s co-star on the new series of The Great Interior Design Challenge. Kelly Hoppen, the queen of taupe is an inspiration to many looking for luxurious, timeless interior design.


Don’t buy things just because someone tells you they will work within a scheme. Make sure you love everything you choose and that way the interior design of your home will be yours.

interior design tips

Always after timeless interior design, there is no better firm to turn to than the Hammett duo, known by their studio name Laura Hammett. Laura is very well known for her exquisite, yet timeless contemporary interiors.

“Luxury bathrooms are a big trend at the moment, moving away from the clean white marble look and introducing more softness and warmth with chandeliers, curtains and furniture.” – Laura Hammett

If you have the space, really do something different with your bathroom. They don’t have to be the most boring of spaces. Why can’t the bathroom create that interior design wow too?

Also know for her luxurious, yet timeless interior design projects, the Louise Bradley studio have an ever-increasing collection of bespoke luxury furniture and accessories.

“Clever layering of textiles alongside excellent space planning and good lighting make all the difference in the world” – Louise Bradley

We say it is an absolute must to focus on the lighting. If the lighting is right, the room will look great. But if you get the lighting wrong, the whole feel of the room will be totally different from how you hoped it would be.

interior design tips

Sometimes the best people to turn to for interior design tips, we cannot forget the brilliant interiors bloggers. A favourite of ours, and a must read blog if you don’t already is the brilliant Abigail Ahern. You cannot knock her for her bold and brave interior style.

“Play around with scale. Scale is one of the most under-considered components in the decorating puzzle. Once you start putting supersized pieces on walls or shelves that are small (like mirrors and lights) you create instant grandeur making a room feel more magical than it really is.” – Abigail Ahern

A great way to make your room feel larger is by adding in furniture that is lower down to the ground. This appears to make the ceilings feel higher, and in turn, make the room feel deceptively larger than it actually is. Then add in a huge oversized floor lamp to show off that extra height.

Finally, with not only a beautiful blog, but also with a beautiful interiors shop in Bloomsbury, Ben Pentreath offers his top interior design tips.

“I like richly layered rooms. Colour, pattern and a mix of old and new furniture create timeless and comfortable places to live.” – Ben Pentreath

The great thing about mixing old and new furniture is that it shows the wonders of the life you have lived and the places you have been. You want your home to tell the story of your life and be full of your treasures.