Comforting Halloween food perfect for our tables

Halloween is fast approaching and so is this winter weather…brrrr. These last few weeks we have had to wrap up warm. But that certainly hasn’t stopped us from heading out to the farms to pick this years winning pumpkin. With a few days still left to think about how we would like to carve our pumpkins this year, we thought it might be nice to offer a few of our favourite comforting Halloween food recipes instead. If you are having a little Halloween gathering, these foodie favourites shall certainly warm the spirits.

comforting halloween food

The Starter

There is nothing better than a bowl of warm, comforting Halloween inspired soup for the starter. Particularly Jamie Oliver’s pumpkin and ginger soup. Making soup is quick, easy and would look absolutely smashing served in a mini pumpkin. Cut off the pumpkin lid, scoop out the filling and keep it for the soup. When the soup is ready, ladle it into the pumpkin and pop the lid back on to keep it beautifully hot.

comforting halloween food

The Main

Comforting Halloween food is an absolute must for the main course. You certainly want to keep warm in between the trick or treat shifts. You can’t go wrong with a hairy bikers steak and ale pie. However by cooking a puff pastry lid separately, you could add in a couple of plastic spider before topping with the pastry lid. It might give your guests a fright, but would be certain to keep them entertained!

comforting halloween food

A little tipple

A fantastic favourite from BBC Good Food, this will be sure keep the adults relaxed, leaving the kids to run wild after snacking on all of those sweets. Just be careful to avoid any of those beetroot stains. Otherwise you may look like you have turned up in costume after all.

Our beautifully dressed console table at the London showroom
Our beautifully dressed console table at the London showroom, perfect for comforting halloween food

If you have recently visited our London showroom, or follow us on Instagram you may have noticed that we have a brand new white console table. A console table that is set and ready for comforting Halloween food for 8 people! Yes it really does start as a console table and turn into a 10-seater dining table. Come and see for yourself!

Comfy sofa alert…new sofas arrive at our showroom

I am sure that most of you know that we pride ourselves on being experts in making comfy sofa beds. Anyone that has had a little lie down on them at our London showroom will be sure to say they actually are as comfortable as beds. However, despite our love of all things that change and have multi functioning powers, the time has come for us to stop leaving out those who actually don’t want their guests to stay. Or maybe for those who have enough bedrooms to not actually need a sofa bed. If that’s you, please can you invite us round for dinner!?

So, drum roll please… and get ready to offer a huge, gigantic, squidgy welcome to our two brand new comfy sofas. Yes, it is just a sofa. But of course a beautiful, delightful, comfy sofa.

comfy sofa

Say hi to the dazzling number one.

As big or as small as you would like to make it, this is absolutely the showstopper sofa. Available in a collection of various different sized units, this sofa really can be made to fit any space. With so many gorgeous fabrics in an outstanding selection of colours, we just know that this will give your living room the wow factor it truly deserves.

comfy sofa

Don’t tell the rest of the Furl family, but I have secretly been putting my feet up and snuggling into this sofa before heading home. It wins top marks from me. So much so, one evening I ended up having an unintended nap!

comfy sofa

Now secondly, but certainly not secondary, say hello to the elegant number two.

Elegant simplicity, this sofa just works in so many different spaces. Industrial, Contemporary, Vintage or Classic, there really is no interior design style that this sofa would not easily fit into. So for Friday night film night, tuck up your feet with the perfect amount of seat space. Who is going to bring the popcorn?  As always, we want you to be able to have your sofa, your way. So with an enormous selection of fabrics in an array of beautiful colours, you can truly make this sofa your own.

comfy sofa

So here is a list of the things you need to know about our two brand spanking new comfy sofas:

  • Hundreds of fabrics to choose from at our showroom
  • Design your own layout using a modular format
  • It’s a seriously comfy sofa
  • There is an 8 week lead time
  • We take away all of the packaging and all of the stress

We always say that some of our best ideas come from our customers. Plus you may have noticed we are still calling these sofas by numbers. So you know what we are going to ask you. What do you think our brand new sofas should be called? Tweet us at @Furl_Home with your ideas.

So who’s first to come and have a sit or a sneaky lie down? We will race you to it…

What you can actually store in a Blanket Box.

A Blanket Box really can be used for anything and everything, including all of those things that didn’t even cross your mind. Always in desperate need of a little extra storage, we want to tell you the best ways of using a blanket box. Not only where you can put it into your home, but also let you in on the secret of what they can actually store. So here are all the weird and wonderful things you could use a blanket box for.

blanket box

A little history…

Traditionally people situate blanket boxes at the end of their beds. Adding texture to the room, it also extends the bed for anyone excessively tall in need of a little extra length! However, in real life, not many of us actually have enough space at the end of our beds for a blanket box. Or even enough space for anything at all, actually.

So where does the name come from? Really simply, the blanket box gets its name from what they were designed to be used for – Storing Blankets. Maybe not just blankets; think spare linen, towels, bedding, but of course no other title sounded as good as ‘blanket’ followed by ‘box’. But, actually storing in them what they were intended for would be boring wouldn’t it? So here are three wonderful ways that you use your blanket box to stand out from the rest.

  1. The Cinema Room

Despite the days of Netflix, we always seem to end up with a massive collection of DVDs. Well we seem to at Furl anyway! We don’t of course want to watch Bridget Jones Diary every single night of the week though. However, we also don’t want to chuck it away (because yes you are right, its not on Netflix!!). So using a blanket box as a cinema room really works. Not to forget of course what we all need when watching a movie, a footstool! Your blanket box could double up as both a footstool come coffee table. Perfect for Friday night movies.

  1. The Home Office

With so many people now working from home, it has become more and more necessary to separate the office from the dining room. It has also become increasingly popular to use a bench (or in this case blanket box) as a seat at the dining table instead of individual chairs. This is where the seat can double up as the home office. We don’t want Spaghetti Bolognese stuck to the stapler. Nor do we don’t want to have all of those invoices staring at us whilst trying to enjoy family time. So as soon as that clock hits 5, or 6 or 7 if it needs to, you can pop open the lid and pack away the working day.

  1. The Shoe Box

If you aren’t the lucky minority with the space at the end of your bed for a blanket box, perhaps you might have some space in the hallway. The last thing we do before leaving home is put our shoes on. Usually this task consists of searching the house for the location we last left the shoes we want to wear. Whilst tripping over other pairs we didn’t want along the way. A hallway blanket box would double as perfect shoe storage, even providing a seat to help when putting them on.

blanket box

We have a page on our website dedicated to these wonderful storage boxes. Furl’s blanket boxes even come with built in magazine storage too – perfect for that magazine subscription you can’t cancel. You know you can’t throw the magazines out because, yes we know it, you haven’t read them yet!

Keeping up with the Colour Trends for 2017

How shocked are you on a scale of 1 to 10? YES, we are already talking about the colour trends for 2017! Well over half way through the year, it is certainly time to start thinking about what next year has in store for us. Renovation projects starting now are not likely to be finished until early next year. So having a good idea of what the colour trends for 2017 are doesn’t sound so silly now.

A couple of weeks ago we shared an article on our Facebook Page featured in Elle Decor. It was indeed about the colours that everyone will be talking about next year. So in order to not get left behind we wanted to share some tips for using those all-important trending colours.

Colour Trends for 2017

We can hear you all – go on then tell us what they are so we can get going! Well, personality type has actually divided the trending colours this year. So for those who are not too shy to be bold, your colour trends for 2017 are Tealy-Green, Deep Blue and Sunshine Yellow. For the slightly more subdued, your colour trends for 2017 are Minty Blue-Green, Mineral Grey and Earthy Green paired with Taupe or Beige. Anyone comfortable with colours, your colour trends for 2017 are Dusty Yellow, Pastel Pink and Soft Aqua.

Introducing trending colours into an interior design can be difficult, as they are of course after all, trending. Be careful not to end up out of date in a year’s time. Try adding in accessories using trending colours as they can then be easily changed. You may decide that you truly love the colour, in which case it can of course outlive its trend!

colour trends 2017

For those who are pretty confident and don’t mind be bold with colour, certainly go to town with the shades suggested for next year. A new sofa in striking velvet would really create a statement within your living area. If you aren’t too sure on the colour, then perhaps paint a feature wall to begin with. You can always paint the remaining walls if it really works in the room.

Add in a bold statement piece of furniture in one of the trending colours
Add in a bold statement piece of furniture in one of the trending colours for 2017

If you prefer to be a little different and own an older period property, paint the floors. This really makes a wow impact to a room and revives any old floorboards you may have considered replacing. If your house is a little newer, painting the floor might not work. You ideally want a high ceiling if going as bold as painting the floor, as to not make the room seem too small. So instead, perhaps consider adding in a feature appliances wall in the kitchen in the trending colour. You can then compliment the units with little details, such as the kettle and the toaster in the same colour.

If you are not quite so sure on introducing colour into your home, particularly if it is trending, then be very cautious. There is nothing wrong with just adding a couple of cushions to your sofas in the trending colour you prefer. Alternatively try a new set of towels in the nominated colour to create a real statement in the bathroom. Just by adding in subtle details, like choosing a soap that is in the same colour as the towels, will make a big difference.

colour trends 2017

Those who are confident with colour may already have lots of colour in their home. So you simply need to look at using the colour that best compliments the ones they already have. Or alternatively, consider replacing one of your older colours. It is often quite common within houses that are comfortable with colours, to add in large pieces of a new colour. Armchairs look great in a bright pop of colour in both the living room or bedroom if you have space.

colour trends 2017

Be wary of adding in pastel pink unless the rest of your room is very clean, white and silvery as otherwise it can look quite sickly. The best way of adding this shade of pink is through artwork and occasional vases. A yellow statement radiator is certainly the ‘in thing’ at the moment when it comes to the softer pastel yellows. Some radiators actually even look more like artwork than they do a radiator.

Get ahead of the game and be the first to show off the fabulous new colour trends for 2017 in your home.