Visit the Furl Showroom in London

You’re probably wondering why you have to make an appointment to see us?  Why we don’t have a regular shop on the high street you can walk into during normal shopping hours?
Let me explain…

Furl started in 2007 as an online business making storage beds and sofa beds from our workshops in Nottingham (where we’re still based).  Our products were an instant hit amongst those who appreciated high quality functional, practical furniture.  We quickly realised that most of our customers live in London and the surrounding areas and that you would really benefit from seeing our products for real, so in 2012 we decided to open a showroom in London.

Given our experience of visiting furniture stores on the high street and large retail outlets, where there’s lots to see but very few assistants who know anything detailed about the product and seem only interested in selling to maximise their commissions – we set out out be different.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.48.07We found a lovely brand new unit in Wembley, which is easy to get to by car, (we’ve got plenty of free parking) Tube (Neasden on the Jubilee Line) and Bus (take any to IKEA wembley) and we set up our ‘shop’ there.  We’ve made in into a warm and inviting space that shows our products off beautifully.


Because we’re based in Nottingham we decided rather than employ someone to sit in the showroom everyday we’d make your shopping experience with us more personal.  So we decided to open two days a week on an appointment only basis.   We travel from Nottingham to see you and because we’re all involved in the making of the furniture we know the product intimately and with our solid understanding of the mechanics etc, we can answer any question you may have in a relaxed non-sales environment.

Our unique appointment system gives us the time to spend with you discussing your project or future plans, when you visit our showroom this is what you can expect:

  • A warm welcome, and a genuine ‘pleased to see you’ attitude
  • Personal attention in a relaxed environment
  • Full demonstration and explanation of our product range
  • Help choosing fabrics and colours
  • Expert advise from the designers
  • No sales waffle, lets just talk about what you really

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.48.07We want you to enjoy the experience of buying new furniture for your home, we are convinced that the time taken to choose the correct items is well spent, we encourage strict measuring of the space to ensure that you’re choosing the right furniture that not only fits the space but delivers the practical solution you need.

So, visiting us is not quite what you expect from a normal furniture store,  we feel it’s so much better, you get the personal attention we feel you deserve and we get to show off our brilliant products which we hope you’ll enjoy and find a space for in your home.

Click here to make an appointment to visit us.

Wall Beds Comfortable for Every Night Use

Just because something is space saving it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on its comfort or function. Wall beds are space saving, there is no doubt about that, when its closed it has virtually no impact on the available floor space in your room, the typical footprint of a wall bed is just the depth of the cabinet, always less than 45cm and often much slimmer.  Naturally, with something so sleek you might expect the mattress to be very thin, after all it has to fit inside the cabinet along with all the bed mechanism etc.   Most wall bed designs have a limited range of mattresses that will fit within the wall bed usually they are not more than 18cm deep, not that there’s anything wrong with an 18cm mattress, but the choice you get is quite limited and often you’re tied to buying the mattress from the wall bed retailer.

Wall Bed Mattresses
Wall Bed Mattresses any size, depth and type

As with all the products in the furl range, we approach things a little differently, we’re able to do this because we make everything we sell (there are a few exceptions) so can  put a lot of thought into the design, function, its daily use and the durability of every new product we introduce. The Furl wall bed at first glance looks like any other high quality wall bed online but take a closer look and you’ll see some subtle differences which add to the comfort that you’ll really appreciate.  Our wall beds are suitable for any mattress size, type and depth.  You are not limited by the standard 18cm mattress most wall beds are designed for.  so yes, you can have a 20cm, 25cm and deeper pocket sprung, latex or memory foam mattresses in your wall bed.

Having made storage beds since 2007, we know a lot about quality beds design and the support structure needed under the mattress, we know what makes a bed comfortable. We decided to use the tried and tested sprung slated system in our wall beds, the birch slats are gently sprung to work with your mattress.  Our slats are adjustable so you can adjust the firmness under the lumbar area of your mattress, naturally each sleeping side can be adjusted independently.

We never liked the straps that hold the mattress on wall beds, they prevent you being able to make the bed properly or tuck in the sheets, we also don’t like the fact you can feel them under  the bedding when you’re sleeping, we had to find a better more practical way to secure the mattress to the moving frame. So, without divulging too much detail here, the furl wall bed is strapless, we’ve designed a clever way to hold the mattress in place that you don’t see or feel.

Space Saving is in our DNA, and in our Wall Beds

Like our storage bed and sofa bed designs, space saving is at the heart of everything we do, why should furniture take up more space than it needs to?   Our storage beds have very slim frames so that they take up as little space in the room as necessary and the same applies to our wall bed, the frame of the cabinet has been made as compact as possible, our frames are just 30mm thick which both save space but also looks (and is) very solid.

Conserving space does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort! In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need a comfortable quality mattress on a sturdy well supported frame.  Make the most of your space with a wall bed from furl, come and see the range at our London showroom.