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Horizon, the Wall Bed that’s designed for height and length restrictions.

Because all rooms are different we offer different configurations of beds, Horizon is a horizontal wall bed that has certain advantages over the standard vertical as it does not require as much height in the room for the cabinet or for the length for the bed when extended. Horizon is available is two versions 35 with a super slim cabint and 60 with storage and shelves inside.

We’re a little obsessed with space, the creation of it, the maximisation of it and the proper and most practical ways of using it.  There are some rooms where it would seem almost impossible to fit a bed because its either too narrow or too low and that’s why we developed Horizon, the horizontal version of our best selling vertical wall bed range.  It fits into places you can’t get a regular bed or vertical wall bed, and like all our wall bed range, it’s easy to deeply and put away when not needed.  Not only is the orientation of the bed space saving, the frame of all our wall beds are just 30mm thick, we’re giving you space in your room instead of using big chunky frames. We love the small details that make a difference.   Our Horizon wall bed range is available in all standard and European sizes.

We don’t believe you should compromise your sleep experience with any of our products, our wall beds are real beds with full depth proper mattresses they have simply been designed to fold into a cabinet.

Design turned around

If you have a low ceiling or a long slim room then a horizontal wall bed could work for you. Using the same high quality frames as our other models Horizon simply turns 90 degrees to offer a more flexible approach to the placement of the bed in your room.

Two Depths and Storage

Horizon is available in two depths 35cm with a super slim cabinet and 60cm with integrated storage and shelves inside. We make our wall beds at our workshops in the Nottingham, you can have any colour you fancy or a combination of many.  Choose from painted, real wood veneers and solid wood detailing. Visit our London showroom to see the full range.

Sizes & Prices

Our Wall beds are available in a range of sizes and options. For custom requirements please contact a member of our team on 0208 451 6999 and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

  • Single

    106 x 208 x 35 Mattress 90 x 190
    From £1690
  • Small Double

    136 x 208 x 35 Mattress 120 x 190
    From £1790
  • Double

    151 x 208 x 35 Mattress 135 x 190
    From £1890
  • King

    166 x 218 x 35 Mattress 150 x 200
    From £2090
  • Continental King

    176 x 218 x 35 Mattress 160 x 200
    From £2290
  • Super King

    196 x 218 x 35 Mattress 180 x 200
    From £2690
Desk and Shelf + £595 | Wood Veneer + £395 | Mattresses from £495
All prices include delivery and installation in your home.

Mattresses you can Sleep on!

Wall bed mattresses have never been known for their comfort, they’re often too thin – ours are very different and designed to be used every day as your main bed. All mattresses options for the our wall beds are full depth up to 22cm thick.

  • Slim 1600 Mattress

    Slim 1600 from £395

    This is a great quality traditional pocket spring mattress 1600 springs and natural wool fillings.  Medium Firm this mattress is suitable for most people.  If you like it a little firmer, adjust the slats on the sleeping area.

  • Latex 750 Mattress

    Latex 750 from £595

    Latex mattresses have been around for 100s of years but recent advances in technology have improved them so much they’re now firmly at the top of the list when it comes to natural sleeping materials.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

    Memory Foam from £495

    Our award winning Memory Flex mattresses are made from special foam, which adapts to your body shape as you sleep, so supporting the spine in its natural position and eliminating pressure points.

  • Luxury 2000 Mattress

    Biorytmic Firm from £695

    Extra Firm all foam mattress with a hi-tech cover that contains natural minerals to aid restful sleep


Our wall beds are delivered in sections and assembled in your room by us. Wall beds need to be fixed to a wall for them to function properly and safely. So long as your wall is sturdy we will fit to to your wall, however if we have any concerns about the suitability of your wall and our fixings, we will let you know and suggest that you seek the services of a specialist to attach the bed to your wall. If you have any concerns about your wall please get in touch.


Featured Model - Horizon Walnut

Prices start at £1690

Design & order yours today