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Perfectly Simple, Unbelievably Practical, Wall Beds from the Space Saving Experts

We’re space saving experts, so we are constantly on the look out for products that make and improve the space we live in.  As the UK’s leading quality storage bed and sofa bed specialists it was only a matter of time before we looked at wall bed designs to see if we could bring anything new to the market and improve on existing products.  A quick search online reveals that there are loads of wall beds available, they seem to be divided into two categories, very cheap and very expensive and the surprising thing is, expensive isn’t always the better one.

Wall beds and their place in the home has always been a concern of ours, for the fact that the wall be opens down into the room suggests that the space in front of it needs to be free of any other furniture, and there’s the rub, if you have that amount of free space why would you need a wall bed?   The trick to making a wall bed space efficient to have the use of that space until you need to open the bed.

We believe in keeping things simple, so our wall bed range is made up of just one design, that’s fully customizable with numerous colour and finish options to the outside frame, door and internal fittings. We use paint, real wood laminates and solid wood, you can mix and match all three if you wish.

Our wall bed is available with a manual opening mechanism or with an electric wall bed action that is operated by a wireless remote control.
Other wall bed options include shelving, you can have 3 shelves on the door, a desk and a shelf which is perfect for the home office.  The desk and shelving stay flat when opening the wall bed so you never need to remove the items when making the bed.

We’ve really enjoyed developing what we believe to be one of the best wall beds available, the combination of brilliant design and function make our wall beds a pleasure to live and work with, to complete the wall bed experience.

Our range of wall beds can be seen and tested at our London Showroom - We open by appointment only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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